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Know IBM Storage Insights In-line Threat Detection in 60 Sec

By piyush gupta posted Sun October 22, 2023 06:58 AM



Protecting Your Storage Environment from Workload Anomaly

AI Based In-line threat detection looks for potential ransomware attacks

IBM Storage Insights Pro is an AI-enabled storage observability cloud service that helps you detect & respond to potential ransomware attacks. An AI-powered inline threat detection model monitors IO patterns in real-time, looking for changes that indicate a potential threat. If one is identified, Storage Insights Pro immediately sends an alert, empowering you to respond as quickly as possible, which helps limit any damage. You can configure alerts to automatically trigger workflows in your wider security suite. For example, you can trigger a total lockdown of your environment and ensure that immutable SafeGuarded copies of your data are created.

Its no more about ‘Why Should You Use IBM Storage Insights’, but really the question for many IBM Storage customers is really ‘Why Wouldn’t You Use It!’ as it’s included with your IBM Expert Care, or your storage warranty and maintenance.

To learn more about IBM Storage Insights and its Inline threat detection, register your system with Storage Insights Pro Trial version today. 

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