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IBM Storage Insights Is Safe And "Secure to the Core"

By piyush gupta posted 8 days ago



As part of providing IBM Storage Insights we have to ensure that Security and Privacy are at the heart of everything we do.To that end, we following IBM’s Security and Privacy by Design principles, which require us to do Privacy and Cyber threat assessments, a range of security testing and review that these assessments and tests have been passed as part of the product release process.Additionally IBM has a dedicated team who track industry wide threat vectors and will drive changes into products that are considered to be vulnerable.And with multi-factor authentication controlling access to your instance, and physical protection to the assets running the IBM Storage Insights cloud services in the IBM Cloud data centers, you can be confident that your data is secure.

Now let’s talk a little bit about the metadata gathered and how it’s handled.  It’s really important to clarify that we’re not gathering any sensitive personal, identity or application data – that data is never accessed and remains on your site.The metadata we do gather includes performance, configuration and status information.  In fact if you have call home enabled and send back log data as part of opening support cases, you’re already sharing this data with IBM.

Communication from your site to IBM can only be initiated from within your network, and if you’re using FlashSystem storage, directly from the storage itself.  Communication can never be initiated from outside of your network, and data will only flow to a single well defined endpoint. We encrypt your data in flight as well as at rest, with the data being gathered and stored in accordance with data protection legislation.

And for those customers who need an extra level of security that’s required by law in their environments, IBM Storage Insights works with the IBM Enhanced Secure Support, sending data to Blue Diamand for appropriate data control.

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