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IBM Storage Announces Enhancements for the Mainframe

By Peter Basmajian posted Wed August 05, 2020 03:40 PM

(Aug 4, 2020)  With over 3,000 patents issued or in process,[1] IBM z15 represents the result of 4 years of technological development. This week, IBM Z is announcing enhancements on cloud native development and deployment, encryption everywhere, cyber resilience and flexible compute. This powerful current of innovation is consistently followed by IBM DS8900F and IBM TS7770 and is reflected in the new enhancements within both storage families announced today.

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“The basic mainframe approach to data processing fits exceptionally well with modern workloads such as artificial intelligence and real-time analytics,” notes Mark Tansey, Storage Solutions Sales Director for long-time IBM Business Partner Vicom Infinity. “We see a strong future for mainframe deployment and sales. This means that we must provide our clients with complementary data storage solutions that offer equal levels of performance, reliability, and security. IBM DS8900F and TS7700 VTL systems fill the bill perfectly.”

Built with advanced storage technologies, the IBM DS8900F family benefits from years of research and deep collaboration between the IBM Storage and IBM Z teams to deliver business value for mainframe deployments. Announced today, the memory cache in the IBM DS8950F storage solution is increased by 70 percent to a whopping 3.4 terabytes. @LIZBETH RAMIREZ LETECHIPIA @RAUL RAUDRY DIAZ DE LEON