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IBM and Red Hat Lead the Industry for Kubernetes Data Services

By Pete Brey posted Fri February 24, 2023 12:40 PM


IBM and Red Hat Lead the Industry
for Kubernetes Data Services

In this world, the pace of change is truly accelerating. If you’re not adopting the latest tools and approaches for your business, you run the risk of becoming a dinosaur.

Using data to drive competitive advantage and efficiency is key in this modern era. It’s not just enough to amass data, it’s now more important than ever to derive meaningful insights from that data, and to do it rapidly. Responding quickly to changing business conditions is critical to survival.

Additionally, employing cloud technology in a cost-effective way is increasingly important. This often means employing multiple platforms to match business and application needs. In fact, recent research conducted by IBM shows that organizations who employ multiple solutions derive 2.5 times more value than organizations who rely upon a single solution from a single vendor. This is giving rise to increasingly important hybrid multi cloud architectures.

Furthermore, organizations are struggling to keep up with the breakneck pace of change. They are struggling to maintain existing platforms and infrastructure, while investing in new approaches to deliver digital transformation to ensure they don’t become tomorrow’s dinosaurs. According to Gartner, 95% of enterprise applications will be cloud native by 20251. But – according to Boston Consulting Group – 70% of these transformation efforts fail to meet their objectives2. With such a high failure rate, it is understandable that organizations would have trepidation.

IBM and Red Hat understand these trends and are at the forefront of delivering solutions to address the challenges they present. With the bringing together of IBM Storage and Red Hat Storage teams, we have merged IBM Storage Fusion with OpenShift Data Foundation to deliver the industry’s #1 data services platform for Kubernetes.

As proof of this, industry analyst firm Evaluator Group conducted independent research on Kubernetes and the associated data services and container storage market. What they found is that IBM and Red Hat lead this combined market by a wide margin with 28.2% adoption! The next closest competitor has just 11.8% market share, which means IBM and Red Hat lead by almost 240%!

To read up on this recent research, please visit the blog post from Evaluator Group which has a link to the whitepaper with all the details.

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