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Automate, Detect and Recover from Cyber Threats Faster with IBM Storage Defender

By Par Hettinga posted Fri July 21, 2023 01:20 PM


The question is not “If ?”, but rather,“When?”

Data breaches in the form of cyber threats, ransomware attacks and other attacks have only been increasing. The concern for most organizations was previously if the organization would be attacked; now the reality is, when will the organization be attacked? According to IBM Security®’s Cost of a Data Breach Report 2022, 83% of the organizations studied in the report had more than one data breach. The average total cost of a data breach globally is at an all-time high, at $4.35 million per data breach. 

In case of a data breach or attack, enterprises that proactively implemented fully deployed security AI and automation saved an average of $3.05 million versus enterprises with no security AI and automation. This is a savings of 65.2%, as the average total cost is $6.20 million for a data breach for an unfortified enterprise, versus $3.15 million for an organization that has fully deployed security AI and automation.

IBM ® Storage Defender serves as a set of offerings the provide an end-to-end data protection and cyber resiliency solution that enterprises can use to help fortify their resilience, reduce costs and recover faster, in the case of a potential data breach. Traditional models of data resilience that enterprises often use consist of multiple vendor products needed to meet general functionality, cost requirements and Service Level Agreements. This can often involve multiple users in silos using different software to manage the data. As a result, businesses can take longer to recover if they are hit by a cyber attack. 

What is IBM Storage Defender?

IBM Storage Defender can help companies implement an end-to-end cyber resiliency solution that automates, streamlines and facilitates their data security and recovery. Specifically, using IBM Storage Defender can help companies have a minimum viable company recovery in hours, and a full company workload recovery in days.

At a high level, IBM Storage Defender provides a “single pane of glass” view into the activity of a company’s data and information. This simple, easy-to-use dashboard provides an overview of the enterprise’s data and information. Automated alerts, chosen and tailored by the client, signal when a cyber attack has happened or an anomaly is detected in the data or elsewhere in the system.

IBM Storage Defender can help a client become more resilient and get back to work, faster, through the following three pillars of: Accelerated Discovery, Secure Copies and Automation.

·       Accelerated Discovery: This feature is proactive in that it detects malware, corruption, or any other nefarious activity and lets the user know immediately. Insights can also be derived through an automated data pattern scanning analysis to determine the presence of corruption or other activity. By employing proactive detection through malware scanning, the user can take appropriate action to address the issue, thwart any attack and then begin the subsequent data recovery process.

·       Secure Copies: These provide the security in knowing that the backup copies of enterprise data are not corrupted as well, in case of an attack. The copies are immutable, meaning that they cannot be changed after they are created, which, in turn, means that a bad actor cannot corrupt or change these copies in any manner whatsoever. This provides multiple layers of protection, supported by clean and reliable data copies.

·       Automation: Sentinel is key to the entire process to simplify and streamline ransomware detection and automated recovery orchestration. Threats are automatically detected, then the alerts are sent directly to the user via the user’s preferred means of communication. This then supports rapid recovery for both the primary and secondary workloads of an enterprise

IBM Technology Expert Labs can help install and set up IBM Storage Defender

IBM Storage Defender clients can benefit from the IBM Technology Expert Labs team’s highly skilled consultants, established best practices that have been garnered over the years through many successful client implementations, timely service delivery and skills transfer to the customer at the end of the service engagement.

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Parwathi Hettinga-Ayakannu, Global Storage Practice Delivery Leader, IBM Technology Expert Labs

Brian Hansford, IBM Technology Expert Labs for Software Defined Storage and Modern Data Protection,