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Energizing IBM Spectrum Fusion HCI

By Joe Wigglesworth posted Tue February 28, 2023 04:34 PM

DALL·E 2023-01-22 12.34.28 - In the style of the Group of Seven, a painting of computer server in a rack with its power supply cables clearly visible.

Nothing happens in an IBM Spectrum Fusion HCI system without electricity.  I know that this is obvious, but sometimes we forget how important it is to get the supply of electrical power correct when setting up a system.  Fusion HCI is designed to be flexible when it comes to electrical power supply so that it can adapt to the local situation in countries all over the world.  Fusion HCI is also designed to be resilient to power supply failures.  Let's examine the components in Fusion HCI that contribute to that design.

Layers of Power Resiliency

Each Fusion HCI rack  contains <read more>