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Experience Seamless Virtualization and Containerization with IBM Fusion and Red Hat OpenShift

By Jason Paquette posted 17 days ago


Experience Seamless Virtualization and Containerization with IBM Fusion and Red Hat Open-Shift

In today’s fast-paced technological landscape, coping with the escalating costs of legacy virtual machine infrastructure can be a daunting task. However, with the right tools and strategies, it is possible to navigate this challenge and pave the way for a more cost-effective and efficient future. This is where IBM Fusion and Red Hat Open-Shift come into play, offering a seamless solution for running virtual machines and containers on a unified cloud-native hyper-converged platform.

Application and infrastructure modernization are key considerations when addressing the pressing issue of rising costs associated with legacy virtual machine infrastructure. Red Hat Open-Shift provides the flexibility to modernize applications and infrastructure at your own pace and in a manner that aligns with your organization’s unique needs. With Red Hat Open-Shift, you can achieve a full cloud native architecture using the industry’s leading kubernetes platform, while also leveraging a lift-and-shift approach for running legacy applications in containers or deploying existing vitalized applications directly on the platform.

One of the standout features of Red Hat Open-Shift is its production-ready virtualization alternative. By running vitalized applications on Fusion with Open-Shift, organizations can benefit from enhanced flexibility, security, and cost savings as they embark on their journey towards a cloud-native future. Let’s delve into the advantages of migrating virtual machines to Open-Shift using IBM Fusion.

Benefits of running virtual machines and containers on IBM Fusion and Red Hat Open-Shift

1. Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by up to 83% with Fusion and Open-Shift

Open-Shift Virtualization, included with Open-Shift, eliminates the need for a separate hypervisor, allowing organizations to run and manage virtual machine workloads alongside container workloads on the same platform. This streamlined approach simplifies management and accelerates time to production, making it a cost-effective solution for virtualization needs.

2. Achieve a cloud-native future using Fusion and Red Hat Open-Shift

According to research from industry leaders such as Gartner1 and Forrester2, Red Hat Open-Shift is at the forefront of container management – a fundamental component of any application and infrastructure modernization strategy. With Red Hat Open-Shift, organizations can integrate all required technologies for Cabernet's into a single platform, simplifying management and monitoring across on-premises and cloud environments. The platform also provides a unified developer and operations experience, connected to cloud services and a rich independent software vendor (IS) ecosystem for applications. This level of flexibility allows organizations to run applications fully containerized, lift and shift existing applications into containers, and run vitalized applications on a single platform.

3. Deploy and operate Open-Shift effortlessly with IBM Fusion HCI

IBM Fusion HCI enhances the productivity of platform engineers by optimizing Open-Shift design, deployment, and management at scale and performance with high availability. It delivers simplified operation by providing a single management control point for running virtual machines and containers, extending the capabilities of Open-Shift with enterprise-grade features that streamline self-service consumption and creation, as well as management of virtual machines and containers. Additionally, Fusion HCI offers a broad range of essential features including built-in data persistence and resilience, application availability, security, and mobility. It is a highly redundant self-managed hyper-converged appliance tailored for performance and optimized for Open-Shift.

In conclusion

IBM Fusion and Red Hat Open-Shift offer a compelling solution for organizations seeking to modernize their virtual machine infrastructure while transitioning towards a cloud-native future. By leveraging the seamless integration of virtualization and containerization capabilities provided by these platforms, organizations can significantly reduce TCO, achieve greater flexibility, and streamline operations. As the technological landscape continues to evolve, embracing solutions like IBM Fusion and Red Hat Open-Shift becomes increasingly vital in staying ahead of the curve and driving innovation within the realm of cloud-native architectures.

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