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Enabling a New Generation of All-flash Data Centers Taking Advantage of NVMe Storage

By Jacklyn Allgayer posted Thu September 13, 2018 03:07 AM

Two exciting announcements from IBM Storage Networking: The new IBM Storage Networking SAN128B-6 switch and a new 64-port Gen 6 blade for the b-type line of directors, delivering the highest density Gen 6 switch and blade in the market.

As we rapidly approach a new generation of all-flash data centers taking advantage of NVMe storage, the new IBM Storage Networking SAN128B-6 switch and a 64-port Gen 6 blade will help you keep up with speeds that NVMe storage demands.

The IBM Storage Networking SAN128B-6 switch provides 32 Gbps FC performance across 128 ports in only 2 rack units. It is an NVMe-ready switch, which has tools to optimize NVMe storage and integrate Gen 6 FC networks with Flash storage without a disruptive rip-and-replace.

IBM Storage Networking SAN128B-6 switch

It comes in two different flavors, model F96 designates a front (port side) exhaust, while model N96 designates the switch as rear (non-port side) exhaust. You can choose between the two models based on your data center needs and cooling configuration.

The switch provides 96 SFP+ ports capable of operating at 4/8/10/16/32 Gbps FC auto-sensing speeds and 8 QSFP ports capable of operating at 4×32/4×16/4×8/4×4 Gbps FC speeds and it will let you “pay as you grow” from 48 up to 128 32 Gbps ports with Port on Demand licenses (in 24 port increments).

The new 64-port Gen 6 blade is now available on the IBM Storage Networking SAN256B-6 and IBM Storage Networking SAN512B-6 and will let you scale up your director to 256 and 512 ports respectively. This blade provides 64 FC ports in an elegant, high-density form factor designed with Q-Flex connections, enabling administrators to simplify cabling infrastructure. As a result, you can effectively scale to build high-density fabrics to meet data growth demands, handle more workloads, and drive efficiency by maximizing rack space.

IBM 64-port Gen 6 blade

Both products extend IO Insight advanced monitoring for NVMe over Fibre Channel. IO Insight leverages integrated sensors to provide deep visibility into the IO performance of both SCSI and NVMe flash storage to gain unparalleled insight into potential issues and help maintain service levels. This enhanced visibility enables quick identification of degraded application performance at host and storage tiers reducing time to resolution. Learn more here.