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Imagine the Possibilities with Transparent Cloud Tiering

By Jacklyn Allgayer posted Wed September 12, 2018 07:00 AM

Imagine a solution that helps you manage relentless growth of data. Imagine the same simple solution also helping to enable modernization and integration of your mainframe infrastructure.

The announcement this week that IBM TS7760 virtual tape systems now offer Transparent Cloud Tiering (TCT) essentially transforms these visions into reality. TS7760 is the latest member of the IBM TS7700 family and now with TCT it enables an additional storage tier with access to almost unlimited storage capacity.

IBM TS7760 virtual tape solutions offer a fully integrated, tiered storage hierarchy of disk, tape, and cloud storage that leverages the benefits of these technologies by storing recent, frequently accessed data on disk to maximize performance in backup and restore operations, while offloading older, less accessed data onto tape or the cloud for long-term retention and to minimize storage costs. It can also address storage requirements for applications and deployments designed to store data on tape while requiring disk performance and capabilities

TS7760 virtual tape solutions now leverage transparent cloud tiering to support private and public cloud environments as additional storage tiers to migrate and recall less frequently used virtual tape volumes.IBM Tape with Cloud Tiering

The new IBM TS7760 is designed to help increase business agility with policy-driven data movement to multicloud environments for long-term retention and data protection. TCT uses the existing Ethernet ports; includes encryption, auditing, and security features; and supports Amazon S3 as well as IBM Cloud Object Storage1.

The advantages of deploying TS7760 solutions are multiplied with TCT, because it:
✔ Does not require an additional server or gateway
✔ Provides flexibility by supporting a choice of multicloud options
✔ Creates an alternative storage tier
✔ Enables massive storage capacity
✔ Customers can migrate data to the cloud

With TCT, the challenge of keeping up with explosive data growth becomes much more manageable. In fact, thanks to the scalability of cloud resources, enterprises can meet data growth challenges. Plus, with TCT minimal implementation expenses and very little management outlay are required.

Let’s not forget IBM TS7700 family, including TS7760, also provides its unique grid communication feature designed to help keep data available, even if one of the remote sites experiences an outage; up to eight TS7700 systems can be configured to participate in a grid environment. This function helps maintain availability during planned maintenance, service or system upgrades, or unexpected outages and helps avoid the physical transportation of tape cartridges in the event of a disaster.

And, because TS7760 is integrated by design with IBM Z – no additional z/OS software is required to support TS7760 systems. TS7760 enjoys full access to all IBM Z propriety tape library commands. z/OS sees the entire TS7760 grid, instead of a series of independent tape libraries. IBM has optimized data compression for TS7760, which can help reduce storage requirements and network bandwidth to improve overall system performance and reduce operating expenses2. Perhaps most importantly, TS7760 and IBM Z enable different encryption capabilities that complement each other, providing pervasive protection that helps customers secure sensitive data from internal or external threats.

IBM TS7760 with TCT offers powerful new solutions for unstructured data as well. On average, unstructured data is moved 10 times within different storage tiers during its lifetime3. The ability to quickly move data where and when it is required is crucial to deriving business value from growing unstructured data sets. TCT enables TS7760 users to determine where file system data should reside and create policies to automatically move the data. This capability allows for informed decisions concerning when and how enterprise data is moved and how to most effectively migrate the data to the appropriate storage tier, keeping costs lower and storage utilization optimal. Accessing the cloud with IBM

IBM is the leading tape storage vendor4. This success is the result of more than six decades of commitment to the technology and the adoption and execution of a product strategy based on innovation, continual improvement, and constant communication with business partners and customers. IBM TS7760 leverages these advantages, and now adds all the benefits of Transparent Cloud Tiering. Now, when you imagine a modernized, highly efficient, multicloud mainframe environment powering your enterprise, you’ll see IBM TS7760 with TCT.

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2 Based on results from IBM internal lab testing.
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