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Modern Data Protection, Availability, and Data Re-use for Applications and Virtual Environments

By Jacklyn Allgayer posted Tue August 14, 2018 01:49 AM

“Virtualization is continuing its march through the data center, fundamentally changing IT environments forever,” states Senior Analyst Steve Scully of analyst firm Evaluator Group. He continues: “No longer just used for server consolidation and VDI workloads, virtual machines (VMs) are the foundational technology for building a flexible and scalable data center for most IT organizations.”1

It stands to reason that since virtualization has become a foundational technology used by the preponderance of enterprises and their IT teams, that data protection and system recovery solutions must also evolve to complement and optimize their virtualized environments. IBM provided exactly this modern date protection solution with the introduction of IBM Spectrum Protect Plus at VMworld last year.

IBM Spectrum Protect Plus implements a modern approach to data protection by focusing on operational recovery and re-use of secondary data in addition to being an insurance policy against disaster. It utilizes snapshot technology to save immutable copies of the data which can be rapidly restored or repurposed for new use cases. The latest release of IBM Spectrum Protect Plus improves security of its data repository, and expands support for item level for application environments including IBM Db2, Microsoft SQL server and Oracle databases.

IBM Spectrum Protect Plus provides all these capabilities, and much more. The new release adds:

- VMware vSphere 6.7 support. The latest release from the leading virtualization platform is now supported on IBM Spectrum Protect Plus.

- Enhanced security with vSnap repository encryption. IBM Spectrum Protect Plus leverages the vSnap repository for storing snapshots for operational recovery and data reuse and now offers encryption for vSnap repositories so that administrators know that their copies are protected from prying eyes and nefarious actors.

- Support for IBM Db2. IBM Spectrum Protect Plus is more than just an easy-to-use recovery and reuse platform for virtual environments, it is also easy to use for database and application owners, with the latest release, IBM Spectrum Protect Plus adds support for IBM Db2 to its list of supported databases which already includes Microsoft SQL server and Oracle.

Providing much more than backup copies, IBM Spectrum Protect Plus will index, search, and track and reuse copies of the data for other activities – helping enterprises derive more value from their data allowing vSnap repositories to be Read the full Evaluator Group report to see why they believe that IBM Spectrum Protect Plus: “…represents a good foundation for IT organizations to transition from a data protection strategy to a higher-level data management strategy.”

Across the entire portfolio, IBM is focused on providing industry-leading storage innovation to enable more efficient and agile multicloud solutions for our worldwide customer and partner base. Learn more about how your IT team can leverage the new multicloud capabilities to reduce costs, improve agility, and accelerate the success of your enterprise at our announcement webinar or at VMworld, booth 1312.

1Evaluator Group Technology Insight Paper: Data Protection for Virtualized Environments, February 2018 (