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Powerful Access to the Multi-Cloud

By Jacklyn Allgayer posted Tue July 10, 2018 12:01 AM

Enterprises’ business results depend on the ability to deliver digitally enhanced insights, customer experiences and process transformations (IDC FutureScape Worldwide IT 2017 Predictions). The use of multi-cloud deployment models for workloads can be a key tool in enabling this digital transformation, and managing data in the multi-cloud enterprise requires modern, agile infrastructure.

This week, IBM announced the new IBM FlashSystem 9100, an NVMe-accelerated, multi-cloud-enabled data management system. These new all-flash arrays offer a long list of advantages for today’s data driven enterprise: the speed of Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) interfaces; the efficiency and innovation of IBM FlashCore technology; the software-defined power of IBM Spectrum Storage software; a validated IBM Spectrum Access Blueprint to simplify the planning, building and deployment of workflows for enterprise workloads and private cloud platforms.

Industry analysts are already recognizing that the value offered IBM FlashSystem 9100 extends beyond just blazingly fast flash storage:

According to Steve McDowell, Senior storage analyst with Moor Insights & Strategy, “Most organizations are already moving to multi-cloud architectures. And most storage solutions are scrambling to keep up. But not IBM. With the latest announcement of the IBM FlashSystem 9100, their new all-flash array which offers multiple ways to build multi-cloud storage solutions, while providing NVMe speed and hardware-accelerated data compression, it is clear that IBM is moving aggressively in the high-performance storage marketplace.”

The agility, flexibility, and power of cloud computing have businesses exploring ways to adopt cloud functionality and economics.1 Private clouds offer security and control, increased performance over traditional infrastructure, predictable costs, and flexible management options. To enable IBM customers to build agile and powerful private clouds as part of their multi-cloud architectures, IBM FlashSystem 9100 offers private cloud capabilities provided by members of the IBM Spectrum Storage family.

The IBM FlashSystem 9100 solution for Private Cloud Flexibility and Data Protection is built on a foundation of IBM Spectrum Access and IBM Cloud Private. This solution not only enables simplified deployment of private clouds, it also provides the technology needed to implement container environments, plus the powerful capabilities of IBM Spectrum Copy Data Management (CDM) to provide data protection for containerized applications.

data protection for containerized applications

Deployable with VersaStackTM solutions from IBM and Cisco, IBM Power Systems, or general x86 infrastructure, IBM Spectrum Access Blueprint provides the deployment blueprint for the Private Cloud Flexibility and Data Protection solution, but it does much more. It prescribes how to provision, manage, virtualize, and protect data in an IBM Cloud Private deployment. The solution addresses provisioning and managing persistent storage volumes with Docker containers and Kubernetes orchestration.

IBM Business Partners are enthusiastic about the competitive advantages offered by IBM FlashSystem 9100 solutions:

“Our customers are strongly considering public cloud-based business continuity solutions, because they can move costs from CAPEX to OPEX, while pushing RPO/RTO near zero. But to accomplish this, they need high performance, highly functional all flash storage with multi-cloud capabilities,” notes Phil Godwin, President & COO of IBM business partner, Clear Technologies. “Until recently, high risk solutions cobbled from disparate components were the only alternatives. IBM FlashSystem 9100 changes all that. Now, we can provide well-integrated multi-cloud solutions to our customers based on validated blueprints and driven by NVMe-powered high performance flash. Then know all about the solution with an AI-based storage analytics, storage resource management, and support platform delivered over the cloud."

IBM Spectrum Access Blueprint helps you move from technology silos to a cloud model that transforms your data center infrastructure into pools of resources that can be more easily allocated and repurposed. Designed to help your applications run more efficiently within, between, and beyond your data center boundaries – so your IT department can evolve toward IT as a service to accelerate service delivery and increase revenue.2 Users simply request the resources they need through an easy-to-use, security-rich self-service portal, and the system provisions the underlying infrastructure resources and capabilities to service profiles.

IBM Spectrum Access Blueprint is a powerful tool designed to help organizations build agile, effective private cloud solutions, and is a key component of the IBM FlashSystem 9100 solution for Private Cloud Flexibility and Data Protection.

To learn more about the today’s announcements, please read the Core of the Data-driven Multi-Cloud Enterprise blog. Watch our on-demand announcement webcast.

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