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Empower innovation in the hybrid cloud

By ILIANA GARCIA ESPINOSA posted Tue November 17, 2020 10:34 AM


The increasing pressure to accelerate application development, pervasive adoption of multi-cloud architectures, and widespread container utilization converge in the hybrid cloud.

This is why the announcements on October 27th for IBM Storage solutions including new support for Red Hat OpenShift are so important. Product families from across IBM, including IBM Power Systems and IBM Z and LinuxOne mainframes, are coordinating development and support for containers and hybrid cloud environments.

Red Hat, the market leader in providing enterprise container platform software[1], is announcing today new capabilities and support for Red Hat OpenShift.  Red Hat OpenShift helps improve developer productivity and promote innovation. It provides a security-focused, consistent foundation to deliver applications anywhere, with streamlined developer workflows to get to market faster.

Building cloud-native environments that utilize containers to accelerate application development and deployment requires underlying IT infrastructure elements designed to facilitate modernization, work closely and simply together, and provide a wide range of data management and efficiency features. IBM Storage has moved forward with development of solutions engineered to provide the underlying infrastructure foundations needed to optimize the impact and effectiveness of Red Hat OpenShift.

These IBM Storage solutions for Red Hat OpenShift weave together elements from all the major IBM Storage families, latest release includes:

The list of solutions includes IBM Spectrum Protect Plus, FlashSystem family, DS8900F, plus the breadth and depth of the technologies involved, highlights both the power and flexibility of IBM Storage for Red Hat OpenShift. Essentially any infrastructure requirement for supporting containers and hybrid cloud application environments can be addressed by combinations of these IBM Storage solutions. And the brisk cadence of innovation and announcements of new features underscores the IBM commitment to this product direction.

IBM Systems and Red Hat together empower enterprises to innovate at scale and with security in the hybrid cloud. This isn’t dreaming in the clouds – this is two industry giants taking giant steps into the future.  


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