IBM Cloud Pak System

The new IBM Cloud Pak System W4600 appliance

By Hendrik van Run posted Thu October 22, 2020 02:13 AM


IBM announced the IBM Cloud Pak System W4600 Commercial for VMware appliance on Tue 6th October 2020. This is a brand new x86-64 appliance model, succeeding the IBM Cloud Pak System W3500 and W3550 models.

If you are curious about the technical specifications of this model, have a look at the IBM Developer article “A tour of the hardware in IBM Cloud Pak System: The fourth generation” that I just published with my IBM colleague Joe Wigglesworth.

The article describes the new hardware components, lists the options available when ordering and details how additional compute and storage capacity can be added later. It also includes a comparison matrix, so you can easily compare the W4600 to earlier generations including the W2500, W3500, and W3550 models.