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Cloud Data Protection - Ransomware

By Harishankar Singh posted Tue October 06, 2020 01:06 AM


Use Case # 2 – Data Protection against Ransomware

Cyber Resilience is the capability to recover business servers very quickly, against cyber outages. Organizations require tools (such as anomaly detection, immutable backups, air gap, and data isolation support) to measure their recovery readiness state continually.

IBM provides key technology solutions to protect your data against ransomware and cyber-attacks.

Data Protection for Ransomware


 Goals & Objectives:

  • Ransomware detection and protection for physical, virtual and cloud workloads
  • Data protection against malicious software, infections, and vulnerabilities

 Business Challenge:

  • Protect business from a ransomware attack that locks or encrypts data
  • Unified data protection for cloud, virtual, physical, and modern workloads
  • Data loss, theft, and destruction against ransomware attacks


  • Reduce risk and maintain control over data whenever ransomware strikes

 IBM Solution:

  • IBM Spectrum Protect detects anomalies to workload patterns to alert administrators of potential Ransomware infections
  • IBM Spectrum Protect Plus record the events and showcase them in the Web UI to mitigate the business risks upfront
  • Spectrum Protect after client backup sessions, statistics are analyzed for signs of ransomware infection
  • If signs are present, administrators are notified, and a warning message is displayed in the Operations Center