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Migrate existing Storage Classes to OpenShift Data Foundation

By Harald Seipp posted Thu February 02, 2023 11:38 AM

IBM Spectrum Fusion Software can be installed on top of OpenShift clusters, where applications already consume persistent storage using existing storage classes, for example, VMware vSphere or NFS.

To leverage the Spectrum Fusion capabilities, a data migration to Red Hat OpenShift Data Foudation (ODF) or IBM Storage Scale / Global Data Foundation is desirable.

This demo video shows how to migrate data from Persistent Volumes built on VMware vSphere storage classes to an ODF Storage Class in an automated manner.




Wed January 10, 2024 07:38 PM

Great video and demo, thanks a lot for sharing!

Thu May 11, 2023 02:48 AM

Great video! Very informative and helpful!