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S3 for IBM Spectrum Fusion HCI

By Harald Seipp posted Fri December 02, 2022 12:17 PM

IBM Spectrum Fusion HCI has got built-in storage based on IBM Spectrum Scale, allowing to provision persistent storage to containerized applications.
While that satisfies the storage needs of applications requiring file system access through RWX and RWO persistent volumes, some applications ask for Object storage access using the S3 protocol.
An example for such an application is IBM DB/2 BigSQL (part of IBM Cloud Pak for Data) in the configuration as pure object storage instance (see figure 2 here).

This blog provides a solution for clients who expect Spectrum Fusion HCI to satisfy all storage needs including S3 access. The Spectrum Fusion HCI functionality can easily be extended by adding Red Hat OpenShift Data Foundation (ODF).

Note that ODF provides two different deployment flavours:

  1. Full Deployment
  2. MultiCloud Object Gateway (MCG)

The MCG is the preferred option for a simple and light-weight S3 protocol addition to Spectrum Fusion HCI. It prevents the overhead of building another (replicated) storage solution on top of the resilient (erasure-coding protected) Spectrum Scale storage:
Screenshot showing the MultiCloud Object Gateway only ODF deployment selection

When using MCG, the object storage data gets stored to a Persistent Volume that is provisioned by the Spectrum Fusion HCI storage class provided by Spectrum Scale.

The following video shows the steps to deploy ODF MCG and remotely access the object storage from a desktop outside the Spectrum Fusion HCI:

Note that while Spectrum Fusion Software comes with an ODF Essentials entitlement, you need a separate ODF license for usage on Spectrum Fusion HCI. The ODF Essentials edition includes the MCG functionality.

Authors: Harald Seipp and Alexander Saupp, IBM Systems EMEA Storage Competence Center.