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NVMe Increases Database Transactions in Virtualized Workloads

By FAHIMA posted Tue March 23, 2021 02:27 PM

Recently, we published a Performance Validation paper with the help of analyst firm, ESG. You can read the blog post overview here

To help you visualize the benefits discussed in the technical paper, this Infographic homes in on the numbers behind faster data access with NVMe, compared to traditional SCSI, in a virtualized environment running VMware. As depicted in this technical validation paper, the numerous advantages of NVMe are now available for VMware environments.

Based on the specific workload tested, we found that the NVMe protocol deployed in the solution increased database transactions by 83%. And what's equally important, is that this can be done using an existing SAN infrastructure:
  • No need for additional storage investments
  • No need to modify existing operating processes
  • No need to stop a running Oracle database

Read the full report to learn the complete set of benefits available with end-to-end NVMe. Learn more about the IBM FlashSystem Family and the IBM Storage Networking b-type Family.