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Tech Validation: Optimizing Oracle Database Efficiency and Performance with 32G End-to-end NVMe

By FAHIMA posted Mon October 05, 2020 07:30 PM


What is a Tech Validation Paper?

A point product is only a subset of the full solution in an environment that drives application performance for a specific workload. And to see the full potential of any solution is to test it in a real world setting. Analyst firm, ESG, audited testing conducted at IBM's Washington Systems Center (WSC) for this technical validation paper. A typical Oracle application workload was tested to quantify the performance of an end-to-end NVMe solution powered by IBM FlashSystem 9200 with IBM b-type storage networking and Emulex Fibre Channel technology. 

The results?

ESG validated that an IBM FlashSystem 9200 end-to-end 32G NVMe solution with IBM b-type storage networking:

  • Reduces Oracle DSS query time by 46% and increases throughput by 96%.

  • Delivers 24% more Oracle OLTP transactions per minute and 27% more new orders per minute.

  • Improves Oracle server I/O CPU utilization by 64% with 3.4X more I/O CPU efficiency.

  • Works with the native NVMe ANA multipath and failover support that’s built into SUSE Linux E15.

Read the full paper here, ungated.