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IBM Storage Insights: Goodbye alert spam!

By EUGENE O'CONNOR posted Mon September 30, 2019 05:04 AM


Originally posted by: Eugene OConnor

Getting too many alerts in IBM® Storage Insight Pro? Control them with the enhanced notification frequency settings for alerts. 
You've got IBM Storage Insights up and running and you've configured all the alerts you need to monitor changes in your storage environment. But when you review the alerts in the morning, there are too many! Checking out all those alerts is such a daunting job, it almost ruins your cup of coffee.
But when you look at the alerts closely, you see that many of them are repeats. For example, a performance threshold alert for your FlashSystem 9100 storage sends you a notification when the overall response time is greater than 1 ms/op. But the response time oscillates above and below 1 ms/op frequently in short periods of time. For example, the response time exceeded 1 ms/op eight times in the nine-hour period below. And you get spammed with an alert every time!


Now you can use enhanced notification frequency settings to specify that alerts are only triggered after a problem has occurred for a sustained period of time. You can further fine-tune your notification frequency by combining this setting with other notification frequency settings. 
For example, you might want to be notified about an alert only after the condition has continued for 20 minutes, and you only want to be notified about the alert once until the problem clears. Click Configuration > Alert Policies, then double-click your FlashSystem 9100 policy and update notification frequency settings as shown below:


So, review the notification frequency of your alerts, then tweak the settings to suit your needs. Then sit back and enjoy that morning coffee while only the alerts that you care about come in.
Pro Tip: If you are doing tasks where many volumes are being deleted, you might want to temporarily disable alerts that use the Deleted Volume attribute. For example, you might want to disable Deleted Volume alerts temporarily if you are doing maintenance tasks or decommissioning storage.
To learn more about notification frequency and other settings for alerts, check out the following topics in the IBM Storage Insights Knowledge Center:
To learn more about alert policies, check out these videos on the IBM Storage Insights YouTube channel:
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