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Building Confidence with Data Resilience

By Eric Herzog posted Fri July 16, 2021 05:10 PM


Recovery is a big part of resiliency. Have the confidence to understand the weaknesses in your infrastructure, build the protection your data deserves, and craft the recovery plan you will need.


Ken Mattingly knows about resilience. Fifty-one years ago, this month, the young astronaut was cut from making a trip to the moon just days before lift-off.

Not unlike the way in which COVID-19 has cancelled events and sidelined individuals, Mattingly, who was to be the Command Module Pilot on Apollo 13, had been exposed to German measles. To avoid the known and any unknown problems that could have occurred had he contracted the disease while in space, NASA replaced him with backup astronaut, Jack Swigert, three days prior to launch.

What occurred later with the ill-fated Apollo 13 mission is a legendary tale of resiliency. But so, too, is the seemingly straightforward last-minute astronaut swap. The simplicity of that situation shades an otherwise complicated process and chain of events that were first well-established, and then set into motion once the exposure was discovered.

While resilience planning for moon travel is a relative extreme, ignoring the myriad risks and potential pitfalls of business can quickly ground a company, especially during a pandemic or while in the throes of a digital transformation -- or both.

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