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GPFS is Easy

By DOUGLAS O'FLAHERTY posted Tue June 28, 2022 10:12 AM


IBM Spectrum Scale is Easy

SingleStoreDB has announced joint tests, demos, and support with IBM Spectrum Scale. As with many of our ecosystem partners, it was initiated by a joint customer who saw the scale-out advantages of IBM Spectrum Scale were an excellent fit for scaling SingleStoreDB. The testing went quickly and smoothly.

Deploying IBM Spectrum Scale can be easy. In this case, several attributes aligned to make this a successful and rapid test.

  • IBM Spectrum Scale is a full featured filesystem. Though it may be a parallel network filesystem, it acts like any regular filesystem. If it runs on your server today, it is likely to also work with IBM Spectrum Scale. That includes common file commands like locking to ensure data consistency.
  • IBM Spectrum Scale is software-defined. We were able to run all our functional testing on existing servers and with virtual machines. You don’t need the absolute screaming performance of an IBM ESS 3500 to get the job done.
  • IBM Spectrum Scale is readily scaled with containers, OpenShift and other Kubernetes. This made it simple to scale-out the deployment tests as needed.


IBM Spectrum Scale is an absolute leader in performance and scalability, but sometimes a rapidly deployed, scale-out solution is what you need.


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