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IBM announces storage software made easy with IBM Storage Ready Nodes

By David Wohlford posted 13 days ago


As customers look to lower the cost of their data center storage and at the same time move to a more cloud like model and optimize valuable internal resources, a simple and low cost solution for on-premises data is needed to help energize data center infrastructure with software flexibility. IBM Storage Ready Nodes are a simple way to deploy IBM storage and data resiliency software on industry standard servers that enable an optimized and supported configuration in flexible and cloud scale configurations.

IBM Storage Ready Nodes are designed to close the gap between software-only cloud scale storage systems and legacy turnkey storage. By using IBM Storage Ready Nodes customers can accelerate storage infrastructure modernization, reduce project risk, and improve storage efficiency by providing industry standard servers designed for IBM Storage software with pre-configured and pre-tested configurations from a single vendor for multiple customer requirements. This innovative approach to storage software makes it easier to build, deploy and expand software defined storage solutions in the data center.

IBM is now announcing IBM Storage Ready Nodes for IBM Storage Defender and IBM Storage Ceph

IBM Storage Ready Nodes accelerate storage infrastructure modernization, reduce project risk, and improve storage efficiency by providing IT flexibility and simplified management and support from a single vendor for multiple customer requirements. Customers gain a cloud like experience for storage software with optimized choices and asinglesourceforproblemresolutionandsupport. Thisaddsuptofaster troubleshooting and problem resolution with a solution that scales quickly and is easy to deploy and manage. IBM Storage Ready Nodes are industry standard servers that can be installed in most any standard rack. (See specifications for details)

Support from a single source

EachIBMStorageReadyNodecomeswithIBMsupportandmaintenance. Thesame support that you receive from your storage software. That means that problems are resolved faster without the need to determine if the issue is software or hardware. IBM Storage Ready Nodes are intended to be only used with IBM Storage software and a corresponding software option should be purchased with a Ready Node configuration.

Solutions that can be customized for your needs

From the edge to the core data center to the public cloud, IBM and its business partners can work along side you to plan, advise, and execute your IT infrastructure and digital transformation journey. We stay with you every step of the way, linking people, process, and technology to accelerate innovation and achieve optimal business outcomes.

Deployment and upgrade assistance when you need it

To make your IT investments as productive as possible, IBM and its Business Partners can provide smart planning, bulletproof data migration, upgrade assistance and high performance and reliability optimization assistance.

Ready Node Options for IBM Storage Defender

IBM® Storage Defender is an application that helps reduce data loss and risks associated with the protection of your data. This solution provides critical capabilities to an organization that can identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover data across your hybrid cloud storage infrastructure. The application also provides a simple, consolidated view of data protection and cyber resilience status with integration into your security dashboards. IBM Storage Defender provides multiple layers of data resilience, including data protection, data immutability and data isolation. It enables early detection of threats including risk from ransomware, disasters, sabotage, accidental deletion, and other sources of disruption. It also provides rapid recovery across your hybrid cloud storage infrastructure, while providing a simple, consolidated view of data protection and cyber resilience status with integration into security dashboards. Using Resource Units to deliver capabilities, you can streamline your software acquisition and license management by purchasing a single license that provides only the data resilience resources you need. 

Ready Node Options for IBM Storage Ceph

IBM Storage Ceph is an IBM-supported distribution of the open-source Ceph platform that provides massively scalable object, block, and file storage in a single system. It is part of the IBM Storage portfolio of software-defined storage. IBM Storage Ceph is designed to operationalize AI with enterprise resiliency and consolidate data with software simplicity and run on multiple hardware platforms to provide flexibility and lower costs. Engineered to be self-healing and self-managing with no single point of failure and includes storage analytics for critical insights into growing amounts of data. IBM Storage Ceph can be used as an easy and efficient way to build a data lakehouse for IBM and for next-generation AI workloads. To learn more about Ceph Easy visit the YouTube channel -> 

Ready Node Options for IBM Cloud Object Storage

IBM CloudObject Storage is a market-leading object storage solution for primary and secondary AI and big data workloads. Our solution is grounded in Dispersed StorageTM and a flexible Information Dispersal Algorithm (IDA) an is proven for AI and big data solutions as well as offloading traditional storage workloads to object storage. Storage solutions can start with only three Slicestors and grow online to thousands of Slicestors or exabytes of data. Our software supports mixed configurations with IBM Storage Ready Nodes and non Ready Node hardware and can scale or expand with no forklift upgrades or downtime enabling investment protectionand long-term cost savings. Applicationscanaccessstoragefromanylocationandoptimizeperfromance using geo-dispersed protection and efficiency and concurrent and secure cloud native accessibility.

Why IBM?

Data matters. When planning a data strategy for new or existing applications it’s easy to focus on compute resources and applications without proper planning for the data that will drive the results for the applications. Our products are all about solving hard problems faster with data. IBM helps customers achieve business value with a clear data strategy. Our strategy is simple, unlock data to speed innovation, de risk data to bring business resilience and help customers adopt value based data to bring cost and energy efficiencies. Value needs to be delivered by connecting the multiple organizational data sources with business drivers to create business valuethatmeansomethingtotheorganization. Manyorganizationsfocusonasingledriver with a storage solution, but the best solution is driven by an infrastructure strategy than can accomplish most if not all the drivers for maximum benefits. Our story is not just about another storage product but is about innovation and a comprehensive storage portfolio that is helping businesses drive more value throughout the organization.

For more information

To learn more about IBM Storage Ready Nodes with any of the IBM Storage software offerings please contact your IBM representative or IBM Business Partner, or visit any of our web pages and ask to chat with a representative:

IBM Storage Defender Web Page

IBM Storage Ceph Web Page

IBM Cloud Object Storage Web Page