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Announcing a new way to build your cloud scale data lake with IBM Storage Ready Nodes

By David Wohlford posted Tue July 25, 2023 09:14 AM


As customers look to lower the cost of their data center storage and at the same time move to a more cloud like model,  IBM Storage is introducing a new product offering aimed at closing the gap between software-only cloud scale storage systems and legacy turnkey storage.  IBM is now making it easier to build, deploy and expand software defined storage solutions in the data center.  The first offering can start with as little as 3 hardware servers or nodes and expand to 1000s of nodes or 1000s of petabytes of data.  IBM is announcing IBM Storage Ready Nodes as a new deployment option for software defined storage.  These  flexible cloud scale building blocks based on commodity components provide optimized and flexible configurations that are validated for IBM Storage software, and all supported by IBM. The first storage software offering to run on IBM Storage Ready Nodes is IBM’s market leading object storage software, IBM Cloud® Object Storage.   This will be the first in a series of storage solutions that will be offered on IBM Storage Ready Nodes and will cover multiple IBM Storage software offerings.  IBM Storage Ready Nodes offer a pre-configured, validated, and flexible solution for organizations looking to create a software-defined infrastructure on commodity servers but also simplify the management, deployment and support of the storage solution in the data center. IBM provides a simplified deployment process, optimized performance options, on-line scalability from a base configuration to 10s, 100s or 1000s of node, and compatibility with other IBM storage software deployments all backed by IBM's support and services.


IBM Cloud Object Storage is the first IBM Storage software offering deployed on IBM Storage Ready Nodes.   This industry-leading storage solution integrates with data on the edge, in your data center or on a private cloud.  IBM Cloud Object Storage excels at availability with up to 99.9999% availability and up to 99.9999999999999 (15 nines) of durability.  With local or geo-dispersed erasure coding to maximize efficiency and IBM patented Secureslice with S3 object lock or IBM secure vaults can provide a secure solution for exabytes (EB)  of data.  IBM Cloud Object Storage can scale online and without any access disruption and increases storage efficiency the larger the cluster grows.  IBM has multiple deployments that have scaled to over one plus EB of capacity yet a cluster can start as small as three nodes or TB of capacity.   IBM Cloud Object Storage is also available as a service in the IBM Cloud

Ready Node Options for IBM Cloud Object Storage      

IBM Cloud Object Storage is a market-leading object storage solution for primary and secondary AI and big dataworkloads.  Our solution is grounded in Dispersed Storage™ and a flexible Information Dispersal Algorithm (IDA) an  is proven for new AI and big data solutions as well as offloading traditional storage workloads to object storage. Storage solutions can  start with only three Slicestors and grow online to thousands of Slicestors or exabytes of data.  Our software supports mixed configurations and no forklift  upgrades or downtime to expand storage capacity enabling investment protectionand long-term cost savings.  Applications can access storage from any location using geo-dispersed protection and efficiency and concurrent and secure cloud native  accessibility.  For more information on IBM Cloud Object Storage software see the data sheet at:

Where to use IBM Storage Ready Nodes with IBM Cloud Object Storage

Disaster Recovery and Backup:  IBM Cloud Object Storage has validated many of the leading backup and archive applications and IBM Storage Ready Nodes provide an optimized platform for this use case. Replace exisiting backup process with IBM Cloud Object Storage which offers high resiliancy and low cost for infrequent-access storage.  IBM Cloud Object Storage gives you cloud-native capabilities for an automated, application-consistent backup and recovery solutions. Cut your storage costs and reduce malware, disaster and outage losses.

Read the data sheet on IBM Storage Ready Nodes :

For more information on IBM Cloud Object Storage with IBM Storage Ready Nodes visit: