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IBM accelerates AI success with NVIDIA using simple plug-and-play solutions that lower risk to business

By David Wohlford posted Tue November 15, 2022 07:33 AM


Data matters. When planning high performance infrastructure for new or existing applications it’s easy to focus on compute resources and applications without proper planning for the data that will drive the results for the applications. Customers need to solve hard problems faster with data.  In order to do that, customers need to react faster to competition and to market dynamics by accelerating insights and providing seamless access to data without limitations of where that data is or struggle with current data silos. In this era of growing amounts of data IBM Storage is focused on three important problems facing IT.  
1) Improving efficiency and building sustainable and high-powered resources that are flexible for multiple workloads
2) De-risking the business and protecting data and harden resiliency from attack or unforeseen downtime
3) Unleashing the enterprise core by creating and open hybrid cloud that modernizes infrastructure for data and applications

Our story is not just about another storage product but is about innovation and a storage portfolio that is powered by our global data platform.

To help solve these and other data problems IBM Storage is announcing a number of new capabilities for its scalable file and object portfolio.  IBM is announcing three AI plug-and-play storage configurations with the award winning1 IBM ESS 3500. These new configurations will make it easier and faster to deploy a high-performance global data platform with the NVIDIA DGX BasePOD reference architecture.  IBM is also announcing the ability to increase capacity and density per node for the award winning IBM ESS 3500 by almost 100% by supporting unto 8 capacity enclosures (from 4) and doubling the NVMe flash support to 30TB/drive.  This will bring the max capacity per single node to 15.2PB and the ESS 3500 scales to 1000s of nodes or up to 633YB of capacity. 

To help customers de-risk the business IBM is announcing two security enhancements to its IBM Storage scalable file and object portfolio.  The first is IBM CyberVault security services for file and object data.  This IBM service is designed to help customers protect and secure mission critical file and object data on IBM Spectrum Scale and IBM ESS systems.  The second part of the security announcement is the support for cyber data drives on the IBM ESS 3500.  This new capability offloads encryption of data to the disk drive with customer keys or key lock enabled to help provide an overall end to end secure environment.

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1- Most Innovative Memory Technology Product: Elastic Storage® System (ESS3500) Category: All Flash Storage Array Company: IBM