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WARNING from IBM Storage: Records are about to be broken for AI and Hybrid Cloud

By David Wohlford posted Mon April 25, 2022 04:47 PM

IBM launches the impossible
IBM is about ready to announce the impossible...  something that no-one thought would be possible.

  • Get access to data located in the cloud at record breaking speeds
  • Access PBs of data almost instantly after data breach
  • Create a single YB storage cluster that includes your current storage and even the public cloud
  • Do things with NVIDIA AI that you never thought could be done
  • Data features that has already saved one company $100M+

IBM partners are already saying great things about this announcement

"Once we explain how IBM Storage solutions can solve their problems,  they appreciate the power, and the way IBM handles hard to solve problems better than anyone else. We are currently transitioning our sales efforts to the new IBM Storage solutions to reach new customers."

Stay tuned and visit out web page and be ready May 17, 2022.

IBM Storage for Cloud Scale AI and Hybrid Cloud