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Faster and better AI results with NVIDIA

By David Wohlford posted Mon March 21, 2022 09:48 AM

IBM Global Consolidation Platform


IBM is a recognized leader in AI with worldwide success and 10s of  thousands  of customers and 100s of thousands of patents with many of these patents relating to AI technologies. If we examine a statement from Arvind Krishna, CEO of IBM it can provide some key insights for customers success.  The statement is from a recent earnings where Arvind is quoted as saying “We fundamentally believe that core to the competitiveness of every company going forward will be their ability to use AI to unlock real-time value from their data wherever the data resides.” 

IBM Global Data Consolidation Platform

 IBM innovation provides a very differentiated  message against our competitors and allow us to provide key capabilities that only IBM can. Only IBM Storage provides a cloud scale portfolio that provides more data faster for AI with critical data management requirements.  Our portfolio connects to applications with multiple high-performance interfaces.  We leverage two cloud scale storage options, IBM Spectrum Scale which is best for AI and NVIDIA solutions and we also offer an integrated cloud scale object storage platform. We allow applications to simultaneously access multiple data sources including from multiple vendors globally across the edge, core, cloud and Kubernetes clusters.   Finally, our solution secures and protects data without compromise.  

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