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It’s time to globalize your data for business agility with IBM Hyperscale Storage

By David Wohlford posted Fri August 20, 2021 07:11 AM


Break silos, globally access, drive agility

Organizations are facing growing amounts of data and at the same time more concurrent applications and workloads located on multiple platforms in multiple locations from the edge to the core to the cloud.   Each of these workloads or applications has distinct needs or requirements that bring unique requirements for the data they access and use. With multiple data requirements from multiple sources, IT&O leaders tend to react and deploy multiple storage architectures that create independent silos increasing costs and complexity to the organization.

At IBM we are helping organizations break down data silos and lower cost by providing access to data anywhere. This will result in more agile organizations that can rapidly adapt to changing market needs and deliver faster results. We break data silos, lower cost, and enhanced business agility.


Our strategy is focused on solving the difficult problems organizations face with their data and bring value to the organization through improved and optimized use of their data with our storage solutions.

IBM Hyperscale Storage is helping organizations become agile and bring faster results by breaking down data silos and having multiple high-performance paths to globally accessible data.  Our data optimization capabilities and configurations help lower costs for a variety of concurrent workloads.


IBM provide the foundational data platform with Spectrum Scale and Elastic Storage System (ESS) for your file and object hyperscale requirements. IBM Spectrum Discover adds global search and data orchestration and then add IBM Cloud Object Storage for massive ingest and access for long term active capacity and you get a comprehensive and integrated solution for your global data foundation. 

Only IBM Storage Hyperscale solutions delivers a global data platform providing high performance access to data anywhere from multiple data sources from edge to core to cloud. Our solution also helps improve cost efficiencies with integrated lifecycle management and data services that are automated and integrated into a single data platform.