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IBM Spectrum Fusion - containerized storage services for enterprise applications

By David Wohlford posted Tue April 27, 2021 08:32 AM

Achieving a Vision for Hybrid Cloud

As 71% of companies need for a consistent way to deploy cloud-native applications across on-premises infrastructure and public clouds, its data that remains one of the biggest challenges when trying to achieve that consistency.  Moving data between the data center and the public cloud has always been and remains a difficult task. 75% of data remains behind corporate firewalls and even that data is spread across multiple silos making it difficult to access for many applicaitons and DevOp developers and difficult to manage for IT.  IBM has been investing and developing products and services for years, helping customers achieve current business benefits now and their vision for the future.   Creating an easy way for applications to access and manage data across the hybrid cloud is no exception.

Today IBM is announcing a game changer for the industry and a game changer for hybrid cloud data.  We are announcing IBM Spectrum Fusion.

IBM Spectrum Fusion is a container-native hybrid cloud data platform for OpenShift. Built with a storage platform that includes the essential elements necessary for mission critical containers and the hybrid cloud with storage services that are necessary for enterprise applications and a data driven Red Hat OpenShift environment.

IBM Spectrum Fusion Storage Platform

IBM Spectrum Fusion is built on a storage platform (IBM Spectrum Scale) that is deployed in thousands of enterprise customers and when used with Spectrum Fusion is fully container-native to easily integrate into a cloud-native and deploy anywhere hybrid cloud solution.  IBM has also fused other container-native storage services such as backup/recovery, HA/DR, migration, security, data orchestration and discovery into a single IBM Spectrum Fusion solution.

IBM Spectrum is built on a storage platform layer with key elements for hybrid cloud and enterprise storage. The storage platform must have a strong foundation and needs to include key components such as:
1)Active File Management (HA/DR/Global Access)
2)Simultaneous multi-protocol access
3)High performance storage caching
4)Ability to archive to Tape or Cloud
5)Optimized for AI use cases
6)Data security (Immutability and encryption)

Making Data Simple

One of the key differentiators for IBM Spectrum Fusion is the global data access and active file management built in to our software.  Global access to data not only preserves existing data in existing silos but also provides transparent access that helps simplify both DevOps and ITOps.   Developers can write applications and transparently  access data from one or many applications or even across different IBM Spectrum Fusion clusters.  Operations can protect data directly to cloud or to a remote IBM Spectrum Scale System and then even archive to tape.

IBM is going to where the puck is going and not necessarily where the puck is at. Some customers are already on their journey with containers, and this is the perfect solution for those container workloads and container environments: Easy to start with Red Hat OpenShift, easy to run containers with enterprise data, and easy to integrate to existing and hybrid cloud workloads. Some customers are just starting they journey to containers, and this is also the perfect solution for them because we offer a simple approach to a complex problem and an easy way to start with an expandable and easy to integrate solution.  Oh, did I mention that our capacity can grow to multiple YBs, which in some estimates is more than all the data on the Internet.  Bottom line is IBM has you covered.

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