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NOW certified: IBM Software Defined Storage for IBM Cloud Pak for Data

By David Wohlford posted Fri December 11, 2020 03:26 PM

The latest version of IBM Cloud Pak® for Data, IBM’s end-to-end data and AI platform, is packed with capabilities to drive a customers essential data and AI transformation.  IBM Cloud Pak for Data is a fully integrated data and AI platform that enables organizations to work through all of the steps of the AI Ladder. Collect, organize, and analyze data; then infuse AI throughout your business. Cloud-native by design and built on Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform, IBM Cloud Pak for Data takes advantage of its underlying resource and infrastructure optimization and management. The solution fully supports multicloud environments such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud® and private cloud deployments. Its key integrated features span the entire analytics lifecycle: from data management, DataOps, governance and business analytics to automated AI.   A key point to remember, all IBM Cloud Paks need persistent storage and all enterprise container environments need to be protected.

IBM Storage Suite for IBM Cloud Paks is a comprehensive set of software defined storage solutions that includes data resources for file, object, and block data, as well as services for data management. The Suite offers the flexibility to choose between open-source Red Hat storage solutions or award- winning IBM Spectrum Storage solutions for file, block, and object storage. Designed to simplify IBM Cloud Pak setup with an out-of-the-box storage layer, the Suite is Cloud Pak recommended, tested with IBM Cloud Pak and Red Hat OpenShift with ongoing security, compliance and version compatibility.  

The IBM Storage Suite for Cloud Pak provides enterprise class data services and persistent storage to your all of customer’s Cloud Pak container storage workload requirements.  It provides foundational data services based on certified, tested, highly scalable, uniform set of kubernetes storage services to abstract IBM Cloud Pak storage infrastructurerequirements. The offering simplifies the deployment of IBM Cloud Paks while enabling a faster, more reliable and scalable way to modernize customer’s move to hybrid multi-cloud environment.

Five Reasons why’s Storage Suite For Cloud Pak

  1. IBM and Red Hat Certified: Fully tested with Kubernetes, Red Hat OpenShift, and IBM Cloud Pak solutions to provide out-of-the-box enterprise data services to business-critical container environments. A single vendor solutions.


  1. Simplified Approach: Delivers a simplified, standardized, and trusted approach for the deployment, use and management of persistent storage for your OpenShift containerized cloud environment. Users will now be able to provision persistent storage as a data resource based on classes of storage, predefined to comply with your businesses SLAs.


  1. Scalable deployment: As expected with hybrid cloud deployments, IBM Storage Suite for Cloud Paks are specifically packaged to grow, shrink and redeploy depending on the application or workloads needs. This way organizations can simply deploy data resources, scaling up or down without impact to their business.


  1. Optimize deployments: Containerized environments can be complex. The volume of resources and components needed can be daunting. IBM Storage Suite for Cloud Paks along with IBM Cloud Pak solutions add valuable tools and enhancements to speed up hybrid cloud deployments. Each IBM Cloud Pak™ includes containerized IBM middleware on top of a common integration layer — designed to reduce development time by up to 84 percent and operational expenses by up to 75 percent.* *Source: Ovum


  1. Speed up container storage provisioning Data persistence, scalability and performance shoot to the top of container data services needs. To stay ahead, IBM supports the Container Storage Interface (CSI) open initiative for our block and file offerings: This translates into a single CSI that works with all Container Orchestrator Systems simplifying management and reducing costs.


The IBM Storage Suite for Cloud Paks is designed to expand support for container-native data access on OpenShift. This suite aims to provide our greatest flexibility for continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) teams who often need file, object, and block as software-defined storage. IBM packages Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage, Red Hat Ceph Storage, and IBM Spectrum Storage software under a common license which provide access to a leading filesystem for HPC, AI, and scalable data lakes on any Red Hat OpenShift cluster. In addition, On-Prem IBM Cloud Object Storage ads support for the open source s3fs file to object storage interface bundled with Red Hat OpenShift.


IBM Storage Suite For Cloud Pak helps to to ensure your client will be successful in deploying Cloud Pak in highly scalable, secured, certified storage platform.

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