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Cloudera now supports IBM Spectrum Scale with high performance analytics

By David Wohlford posted Fri October 30, 2020 01:48 PM


Big data insights with hybrid cloud YB data access

AI is all about the data

As data becomes the core component of the AI puzzle it’s the storage software that must provide a flexible and scalable set of enterprise data services to provide the analytics for a successful AI information architecture.  The infrastructure partner must deliver dynamic and high-performance access to data and storage resources that are cost effective and accessible across the enterprise and the hybrid cloud.

The Cloudera and IBM Storage partnership brings together these capabilities in a solution that unleashes the insights in big data to power the digital enterprise. We are announcing enhancements to this partnership that will better serve you in your journey to build an enterprise data platform.


Cloudera and IBM Storage

Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) Private Cloud Base is the most comprehensive on-premises platform for integrated analytics from the Edge to AI – spanning collection, enrichment, reporting, deployment and prediction. It combines the best of Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub and the merged Hortonworks’ HDP Enterprise Plus, a fusion of the open source data management and analytics technologies, integrated to work together and optimized for deployment within the data center.

Cloudera and IBM storage are now announcing the support of  CDP Private Cloud Base with IBM Spectrum Scale.  This solution simplifies access to high performance hybrid cloud data throughout the enterprise.  By accessing data directly on IBM Spectrum Scale, Cloudera users can lower cost by optimizing data resources and increase productivity with faster access to more data.   IBM and Cloudera will be collaborating to certify Spectrum Scale and Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) Plus/Max in 2021.

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The Cloudera and IBM Storage Difference

The journey to AI is about moving data from ingest to insights with an AI information architecture that can easily be infused throughout the organization. Its important that each part of the AI ladder provides an integration to the entire journey. Storage typically has been implemented in tactical ways with specific storage solutions that create silos of data and solutions that are not integrated together or with a comprehensive set of infrastructure solutions. Customers may store data on a large file or object storage system but then not have details about that data or use that data for additional insights. Customers can still start or focus a project on one part of the journey, but each project should consider an overall AI information architecture to optimize resources and modernize your infrastructure for expanding AI workloads.
No AI without IA

A simple message

IBM Storage for Data and AI has a simple message, secure access anywhere. Enterprise data services everywhere. Hybrid cloud anyone.  IBM Spectrum Scale is the center of IBM Storage for Data and AI information architecture.  It’s a global hybrid cloud file system with parallel access and is the glue that creates a hybrid cloud storage solution for an AI information architecture for any enterprise or organization.         

 Comprehensive solutions

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Cloudera and IBM continue to drive leadership and enable clients to accelerate their journey in AI and realize faster data

 insights.  To learn about IBM Spectrum Scale visit us at our website.