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Making data smarter with IBM Watson solutions and IBM Storage

By David Wohlford posted Tue October 20, 2020 09:34 AM

Making Data Smarter

Today we published the final version of  Making Data Smarter with IBM Spectrum Discover: Practical AI Solutions, SG24-8488 IBM Redbooks.  Thanks to everyone for making this Redbooks happen.  

The book has the following six use cases that are explored in technical depth as well through summaries for non-technical readers. The summaries for all use cases can also be found in Section 1.8, “Overview of the use cases” on page 25.
  • Categorizing medical imaging data with content-search capability
  • Extracting metadata from LIDAR imagery with custom applications
  • Organizing training data sets for artificial intelligence
  • Using artificial intelligence in medical imaging - JFR Challenge
  • Data Governance use case: Data staging for high performance processing
  • Data Optimization use case: Data migration to tape for cost-efficient archiving

Each use case has a summary table with the following information:
  • Use case overview
  • Products involved
  • Benefits
  • High level implementation steps

In addition, there is a chapter on how to design and implement an AI data pipeline using IBM Spectrum Discover.

The code developed during the residency is published at the IBM Redbooks GitHub site:

In order to promote this Redbooks and the recently published  Cataloging Unstructured Data in IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog with IBM Spectrum Discover Redpaper,  I published 2 blog posts

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