File and Object Storage

Do you have a strategy to solve BIG DATA problems with an AI information architecture?

By David Wohlford posted Wed October 07, 2020 06:58 PM


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“We’ve relied on IBM solutions to support our computing clusters for many years now, so choosing Spectrum Scale for software-defined storage was a natural choice,” says Thompson. “It gives us a single data management plane across our many different storage systems, allowing us to make price-performance decisions when matching workloads to platforms, without complexity spiraling out of control. Our framework agreement with OCF helps us get the best technology at competitive prices, and we trust their recommendations.”

Using the active file management (AFM) capability of IBM Spectrum Scale, the University of Birmingham can serve its heterogenous compute environment with a homogenous, scalable, multi-site and multi-protocol storage platform. Today, data is available across clusters automatically, allowing researchers to deploy applications where it makes sense and immediately have data available to them. With AFM, one version of data is consistent across multiple storage systems, providing the consistency that is so critical to successful scientific study.

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