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Media workflow processes made easy with eMam and IBM Cloud Object Storage

By David Miller posted Thu January 28, 2021 12:45 PM


Video is the best marketing tool.  It is the heart of a media organization and essential for brands, but it is the key for effective communication for every organization.  Whether for internal training and messaging or for engaging investors and other outside stakeholders, video captivates audiences.   With large file sizes and complicated systems, it has always been difficult to use….until now.

IBM Cloud Object Storage (COS) is a great option to secure store all types of data.  COS users can easily use eMAM tools to collaboratively produce, share, and deliver video and other media files.  eMAM can meet the needs of a single department or the largest of enterprises, can tie together storage and systems in any number of cloud and local environments, and can provide a complete integrated system with tools from over 80 technology partners.  

Organizing content into file folders is easy, but hard to search.  With Watson providing AI metadata tags, users can use the simple web interface to quickly find needed media, make simple edits, and then share with professional editors and designers with integrations into Premiere, Photoshop, After Effects, InDesign, Illustrator, and Final Cut.   eMAM can power review and approval, email and social media sharing, publishing, and media workflows. 

eMAM has all of the security and APIs options enterprise customers need.  Most workflows use lightweight proxy copies to minimize cost and latency.  With easy setup and extensive configuration options, eMAM is budget friendly. 

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