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IBM Spectrum Protect Plus V 10.1.7 iFix2 - Released Feb 8th, 2021

By Christopher Rogers posted Wed February 10, 2021 12:53 PM


IBM has released the latest iFix for IBM Spectrum Protect Plus. The latest version is, which upgrades to version If you are not familiar with IBM Spectrum Protect Plus, it's a unified data protection for hybrid cloud environments. For more information about this product, and for a 30-day free trial, click here for more information!

For all the details of the 10.1.7 release, you will want to visit Download Information page for IBM Spectrum Protect Plus. The download page contains everything you need to know about the release. Below, are some of the key highlights from the documentation which includes the link to download the iFix as well as the Security Bulletins that were fixed in iFix 2.

Download Package

To download the latest iFix for version 10.1.7 of IBM Spectrum Protect Plus, you will want to use the link below:

interim fix Link-> spp_10.1.7.3102
interim fix 2
Applies to versions,,
Upgrades to

Spectrum Protect Plus Blueprints

IBM Spectrum Protect Plus Blueprints 10.1.7 Update 1 is available as well. The important updates that were made to the blueprints is below:
  1. The 10.1.7 Update 1 Blueprints are based on changes introduced into the 10.1.7 iFix2 stream and are not meant to be used with 10.1.7 iFix1 or 10.1.6 or previous versions of the product
  2. IBM Spectrum Protect Plus server appliance sizing information added
  3. Use virtual machine count as input to determine sizing for Spectrum Protect Plus server, vSnap server, and VADP proxy components (VMware only)
  4. Updated information about expanding LUNs
  5. Added sample workflow for recovering vSnap system configuration from a backup
  6. Added information about changing the frequency of the Storage Server Inventory job
  7. Added information about SLA design considerations
It's always best to review the blueprints when upgrading. You want to make sure that your system is optimized for the version you are upgrading to. To review the blueprints in their entirety, click here.

Security Bulletins

The following vulnerabilities are identified in IBM Spectrum Protect Plus Version It is important to review the entire list of vulnerabilities which is found on the Download Page linked above. However, here are the vulnerabilities fixed in this iFix:
Vulnerabilities in Node.js and FasterXML jackson-databind affect IBM Spectrum Protect Plus.
Vulnerabilities in Linux Kernel and Java affect IBM Spectrum Protect Plus.
Denial of Service vulnerability in IBM Spectrum Protect Plus (CVE-2020-5023).
Vulnerability in psutil affects IBM Spectrum Protect Plus backup and restore of Db2 and MongoDB databases (CVE-2019-18874).
Vulnerabilities in psutil, python, and Golang affect IBM Spectrum Protect Plus Container backup and restore for Kubernetes and OpenShift.

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Mon February 15, 2021 10:23 AM

@Nezih Boyacioglu This is the first I am hearing of this issue. I would recommend you open a case and have it looked into further. Thank you!

Mon February 15, 2021 07:06 AM

Do not upgrade to this patch level if you are using "Catalog file metadata" for filelevel restores on Vmware backups. VM's choosed for file restore will fails and your successfull backup reports will full of failures.