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IBM Spectrum Control 5.4.8 is here!

By Christopher King posted Fri August 26, 2022 07:05 PM

IBM Spectrum® Control is an on-premises, integrated storage application that can significantly improve monitoring, analytics, and capacity planning capabilities in multi-vendor storage environments. IBM Spectrum Control helps manage storage systems, software-defined storage, and storage-area network (SAN) fabrics and devices

Another quarter brings another release for IBM Spectrum Control in 2022. This time it's 5.4.8! 
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More security when you want it

Security is an important part of protecting your organization's assets and data. To provide another level of security when you want it, you can now enter a password for the SSH User that IBM Spectrum Control uses to connect with IBM Spectrum Virtualize storage systems that run firmware levels or later.

Screenshot of the IBM Spectrum Conrol interface

Downloading IBM Spectrum Control

If you have an IBM ID and have purchased IBM Spectrum Control, you can download packages for a new installation or download packages that you can apply as an upgrade or fix to your existing installation.

  • To download the package for a new installation of IBM Spectrum Control, go to Passport Advantage Online.   
  • To download the package for upgrading or applying the latest fixes to your existing installation of IBM Spectrum Control, go to Fix Central.
  • If you are downloading the package for a new installation, a license is required and is included on Passport Advantage Online.    
  • If you are downloading the package for an upgrade, your existing license is transferred.    

Fix Central is the recommended site for retrieving fixes for most IBM products. Fix Central enables you to search, select, and download appropriate fixes for their situation. For more information, see the release document.

After you download the installation images for IBM Spectrum Control V5.4.8, verify that the images are not corrupted:

Product fixes and security updates   

In every release of IBM Spectrum Control, IBM fixes issues that are reported by our internal teams and by our customers. Along with fixes, improving the operation and security of the product is also a priority. See what's been updated and fixed in this release:

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