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IBM Storage Insights in Q3 2022 enhances support for IBM DS8000 and IBM Spectrum Virtualize devices

By Christopher King posted Wed August 24, 2022 06:36 PM

We're more than halfway through 2022 but we're not slowing down with updating and enhancing IBM Storage Insights! These quarterly updates are always about improving your experience and providing you with more ways to monitor, manage, and optimize your storage. This update is no different.

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More frequent capacity updates for better planning with DS8000 storage systems

For DS8000 storage systems and pools, you can now collect used capacity values every hour, rather than once every 24 hours. 

With this turbo boost to metadata collection, you can better monitor how fast pools are changing and take more timely action to optimize their capacity. Getting hourly insights into used capacity can also help you understand daily trends and avoid storage shortages before they occur. 

Screenshot of DS8000 information in IBM Storage Insights

Picking the right log package for IBM Spectrum Virtualize tickets

Opening tickets and uploading log packages for your IBM Spectrum Virtualize devices is an important part of the integrated support experience in IBM Storage Insights. To enhance that experience, you can now select the specific log package (also known as a snap file) that you want to upload with a ticket.

Now when you open or update a ticket, up to 10 existing log packages are available for you to select, starting with the most recent. Each log package is identified by its snap name and creation date so you can more easily select the right one. When you're ready, simply click the log package that you want to upload.

Screenshot of selecting a log package for an IBM Spectrum Virtualize device

Streamlined performance metrics for IBM Storage Insights Pro

Cartoon images of performance charts

That's not all the changes for Q3! Because it's never too late for spring cleaning, we've streamlined the performance metrics that are available in IBM Storage Insights Pro. 

With over 100 performance metrics available, you have lots of ways to identify bottlenecks that might be slowing down your storage. To help you more easily find the key metrics that meet your particular situation, we reviewed all the performance metrics for DS8000 and IBM Spectrum Virtualize devices. Based on our analysis and collaboration with storage experts, we identified which metrics could be retired without impacting your ability to troubleshoot and measure performance.

For more information about this change and the affected metrics, check out

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For more information about the updates for Q3, see What's new in the IBM Storage Insights documentation.

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