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Changing the owner of your IBM Storage Insights service

By Chris King posted Fri October 23, 2020 04:23 PM


(The following instructions were taken from the IBM Storage Insights Knowledge Center)

There might be cases where the person who “owns” the IBM Storage Insights service within your organization is leaving the company, moving to a different position, or needs to hand over responsibility to someone else.

baton handoff

So, what do you do if the owner of your organization’s IBM Storage Insights service needs to change? It’s simple, and you don’t need to create new subscription / URL to make the change.

Instead, just do this: Open a support case against IBM Storage Insights or IBM Storage Insights Pro at and provide the following information so that the new owner can be assigned:

      • Company name and country
      • Full name of the original owner
      • Full name of the new owner
      • Phone number of the new owner
      • IBM ID and email address of the original owner
      • IBM ID and email address of the new owner
      • URL of the IBM Storage Insights service, if you have it

You can also state whether access to IBM Support and IBM Storage Insights is to be revoked for the original owner of the subscription and whether the associated IBM ID should be removed from the company’s account.

That’s all there is to it. IBM will help you the rest of the way.