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IBM Spectrum Scale for Linux on IBM Z – Release 5.0 features and highlights

By Christian May posted Fri March 09, 2018 09:34 PM

When organizations need reliability, data integrity and trust they start with IBM Z. With the added flexibility of Linux on IBM Z, it is also a powerful way to deploy practically any application. Whether is it because of security, performance, ease of administration or for data sharing across mainframe and Linux applications, IBM clients running Linux on IBM Z are among the most efficient.

To expand the usability of Linux on IBM Z also requires connectivity and storage beyond the business critical mainframe. With IBM Spectrum Scale, Linux on IBM Z users can have the benefits of a leading scale-out file system with software-defined flexibility. As software-defined storage, IBM Spectrum Scale can be deployed in different configurations and performance. It grows easily and manage data placement to ensure robust availability – even through migrations.
Stagnation is regression – especially in the fast growing areas of todays businesses. Creating, analyzing and keeping more data than ever before are the challenges for enterprises and organizations in the new big data era.

Combining the strengths of Linux on IBM Z environments with the high available clustering solution IBM Spectrum Scale enables a flexible, powerful way of managing rapid infrastructure growth to simplify data sharing without compromising on performance or security. IBM Spectrum Scale for IBM Z is a software-defined solution that enables continuous data access to a shared storage infrastructure.
Continues improvement of IBM Spectrum Scale for IBM Z is the key to fulfill the new challenges of security, performance, ease of administration and data sharing across mainframe and Linux applications.

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The latest features and highlights of IBM Spectrum Scale V4.2.3.x. / V 5.0.0.x for Linux on IBM Z:


  • Added support for Call Home

  • Improved IBM Spectrum Scale GUI for remote cluster and network monitoring and file system creation capabilities

  • Added the OS support for RHEL 7.4, SLES 12 SP3 and Ubuntu 16.04.3

  • Added support for IBM z14 and LinuxONE Emperor II


  • Added support of Remote Cluster Mount (Multi-cluster)

    • supported in a heterogeneous environments

    • supported with encrypted file systems on Data Management (Advanced) Edition

  • Added support for IBM Spectrum Scale management API Version 2

  • Improved support of up to 9620 cluster nodes with same or mixed Linux distributions/release

  • Added support for disk hardware replication managed by IBM GDPS or IBM CSM HyperSwap or SVC Stretch Cluster

  • Added support of fixed block architecture (FBA) -type DASD support as NSD

  • Lifted heterogeneous cluster restriction

    • cluster can now consist of NSD server and clients on all Linux/Unix platforms (x,p,z) that are supported with Spectrum Scale