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Introducing free IBM Storage Suite for IBM Cloud Paks

By Brandon Mann posted Thu July 01, 2021 08:43 AM


Data services integration with IBM Cloud Paks

Containers continue to grow in popularity because they enable organizations to host and deploy applications faster and more effectively. Enterprises around the world are quickly moving container technology into their business-critical application environments. But this trend has created an urgent need for handling the data those containerized applications produce and consume in a secure and reliable way.

IBM Cloud Paks® help enterprises advance digital transformation with prediction, security, automation and modernization capabilities. Each IBM Cloud Pak includes pre-integrated containerized IBM middleware for developers, data managers and administrators to build new cloud-native applications, modernize existing applications and move more workloads, faster, to the hybrid cloud. These IBM solutions represent one group of IBM solutions where container-ready and container-native storage is crucial.

IBM Storage Suite for IBM Cloud Paks delivers the data services the Cloud Paks need to produce and consume data, so organization can more rapidly gain meaningful insights from their data. The suite is the recommended storage solution for all IBM Cloud Paks.

This solution, based on offerings from IBM as well as offerings from Red Hat, brings data services to container environments with a comprehensive set of SDS offerings. It delivers simplified access to data wherever and however it exists, while providing a consistent experience across many platforms, and at the same time performing all of this at scale.

At the end of last year, IBM Storage announced a new way for IBM Cloud Pak for Integration clients to utilize and familiarize themselves with the IBM Storage Suite for Cloud Paks by providing a freemium entitlement.

This month, we are extending it to additional Cloud Paks giving enterprises an even more cost-efficient pathway to integrate IBM Storage solutions into their IBM Cloud Pak-driven IT modernization initiatives with the plan to include all Cloud Paks by the end of 3Q. The program includes:

This new program is fully supported by IBM in customer production environments. The time limit for this free SDS offering is 36-months. If additional storage capacity is needed, or if the storage included at no extra cost in the Storage Suite starter is needed beyond the 36-month time period, then customers can purchase additional IBM Storage Suite for Cloud Paks licensing, which of course would also include additional storage options.

Storage Suite for Cloud Paks will be part of the IBM Cloud Pak catalog as the preferred and validated storage option. This provides IBM Cloud Pak customers with additional confidence in the program – and highlights the fact that IBM can be the one-stop-shop for end-to-end IT modernization solutions.

Most enterprises around the globe have already moved many of their applications into hybrid cloud architectures. Nonetheless, the majority of business-critical applications have not been modernized, yet.[1] Containers are a tool that can change this equation, but only if deployed with enterprise-grade, secure, highly functional storage. IBM Storage Suite for Cloud Paks offers organizations of all types and sizes a simpler, lower risk, more cost-efficient pathway toward modernization. Solutions like this are what 21st century business needs – and what IBM Storage is delivering.

[1] IBM cloud computing news: 3 reasons most companies are only 20 percent to cloud transformation, March 2019