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Whether Pure Flash Array monitoring or more capacity enhancements IBM Spectrum Control adds to your overall business uptime

By Bob Graczyk posted Thu May 21, 2020 02:48 PM


IBM® Spectrum Control™ 5.3.7 provides monitoring, automation and analytics for multiple-vendor storage environments.

Are you maximizing the value of your storage arrays?

The consolidated monitoring across different generations of storage devices that is provided by IBM Spectrum Control cuts down on the time moving between different monitoring tools from different vendors.

The march continues

The continuation of non-IBM device support is extended in the 5.3.7 release of IBM Spectrum Control. The support for Pure FlashArray//M and FlashArray//X is available for monitoring and reporting. The information includes metrics that measure the performance of the storage systems. As expected, you can view this performance information or specify alerts that are triggered when the performance of resources fall outside a specified range.

Wait, there’s more!

Once you’ve added your Pure storage, you can monitor the capacity across your storage infrastructure, and compare workloads and response times. Instead of using multiple monitoring tools, you can save time by using IBM Spectrum Control to create and schedule reports. For example, a Capacity report for Block Storage Systems in your multi-vendor environment.

See the Pure Storage support page to confirm details about the supported storage systems including minimum firmware levels.

FYI: Future non-IBM storage device support will include Hitachi VSP performance among others. .

This function is also available in the new update of IBM Storage Insights.


Whether above or below knowing your capacity limit is vital

A storage pool that is getting close to capacity can be a problem. Being able to make informed decisions or resolve capacity issues is paramount for your storage environment.

Your company might have a policy to maintain a reserve of available capacity. You can now set a limit on the amount of capacity that is used by your storage systems and pools. The new metrics are Adjusted Used Capacity (%), Capacity Limit (%), Capacity Limit (GiB), and Capacity-to-Limit (GiB).

From the Storage menu, click Block Storage Systems. Right-click the storage systems that you want and click Edit Properties. In this scenario, a filter was used to select IBM® SAN Volume Controller storage systems.

After you set a limit on the amount of capacity that is used, you can monitor whether the capacity that is used is above or below the limit. You can also define alerts that notify you when you are over the capacity limit.

See Setting capacity limits.

This function is also available in the new update of IBM Storage Insights.


More updates in IBM Spectrum Control

There are more updates in the 5.3.7 release of IBM Spectrum Control, for more information, see What's new.


Downloading IBM Spectrum Control

You can download IBM Spectrum Control, Version 5.3.7 here ..

IBM Spectrum Control Version 5.3.7 can be applied as a new installation or as an upgrade to IBM Spectrum Control 5.2.x or Tivoli Storage Productivity Center 5.2.x. If you are applying this as an upgrade, your existing license will be transferred. If you are doing a new installation, a license is required and is included on Passport Advantage® Online

You can then install the product by following the installation instructions in the IBM Knowledge Center.


Join the beta: Become an influencer!          

IBM Spectrum Control & IBM Storage Insights are looking for candidates that are willing to participate in the beta program, to test any of the following devices:
· HPE 3PAR with 3PAR_OS_3.3.1 or later
· EMC Isilon with OneFS 8.0 or later
· Hitachi VSP with Hitachi Command Suite 8.5.0 or later
You must have access to or supply your own devices to participate.
Contact now to sign up for testing in the June 15 – July 24 time frame.

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