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IBM Spectrum Control Storage Insights virtual mailbox: Capacity reporting is vital and I need to know how much capacity is consumed by replication. Are there any new enhancements to help me?

By Bob Graczyk posted Fri March 10, 2017 04:49 PM


Replication capacity planning

As a #storage administrator you are asked to provide a capacity report across your entire storage environment to your CTO, in order to help the company make financial decisions on what storage needs to be purchased in the coming year.

A critical part of capacity reporting is understanding how much capacity is consumed by replication:

  • Each copy requires capacity
  • A volume may have multiple copies (for instance an hourly FlashCopy) with the last x copies kept, or a mix of local and remote copies
  • HyperSwap relationships that include 4 Vdisks (Master, Auxiliary, and two change volumes)
  • Whether primary data can also result in growth of copies of data if similar replication policies are used
  • Knowing whether all of your primary data is protected, or what capacity is used for primary data versus total capacity

IBM Spectrum Control and its #cloud counterpart, IBM Spectrum Control Storage Insights, has added new VDisk Mirrors and HyperSwap tabs on the Copy Data page. You are now able to analyze storage device relationships across your block storage environment in IBM Spectrum Control to identify how redundancy is affecting available capacity.

• VDisk Mirrors page

You can easily identify all the VDisk mirror relationships on a Virtualize device.

The new enhanced display of VDisk mirror copies within Volume tables makes it easier to understand the properties of the mirrors and identifies the volumes that have mirrors.

• HyperSwap page

You can easily view master and auxiliary relationships for volumes, pools, and tiers for all HyperSwap relationships.

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