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XIV HAK 2.1 Update

By Archive User posted Fri July 05, 2013 07:12 AM


Originally posted by: hannes_one

XIV HAK news

On June 26th IBM announced a Version 2.1 of the IBM XIV Host Attachment Kit! It's available again via FixCentral and we recommend to update to the latest version.

The main feature is the support for 11.3 Code on XIV Storage Arrays and the IBM Hyper-Scale Mobility (formerly known as OLVM) feature; we will publish another blog post soon on this topic. In addition it gives a couple of small fixes and a new rule-set for the previously mentioned xiv_host_profiler feature.
So if you like the xiv_host_profiler feature and want to test your hosts against the new rule-set provided by IBM, you can either update your XIV HAK installations or download the latest rule-set and use the parameter "--rules=RULES". This allows you to test your hosts' configurations without changing the HAK installation.