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Welcome to Storageneers

By Archive User posted Tue June 04, 2013 08:03 AM


Originally posted by: seb_

We are excited to introduce you to this new group blog of IBM storage experts from EMEA (Europe, Middle-East and Africa).
Storageneers is for "storage engineers" and that's already pointing to our main topics: Technical information, hints, news, opinions, and discussions about storage.

Being the first post in a group blog, we will update this one from time to time to introduce the new bloggers.

Current Storageneers:


Yan Liang Qiao is the leader for IBM Storage Replication Adaptor(SRA) team in Cloud Storage Solutions Development(CSSD) in China. The SRA team is responsible for SRA implement for IBM SVC/Storwize and IBM DS8000 system. Also he is responsible for SRA L3 support, which makes him experienced in customer cases.
In "Storageeneers" he shares the new SRA implements for IBM Storage and VMware Site Recovery Manager(SRM) integration, as well as any SRA tips such as SRA troubleshooting and customer best practice

Randy Blea is the architect for IBM Copy Services Manager and previously the architect for Tivoli Productivity Center for Replication.   He has a strong background in copy services for IBM block Storage Systems with over 17 years of experience in the field.  Randy has worked closely with customers and other replication experts in the field to try to help create the best replication solutions for IBM customers, with both ease of use and functionality in mind.  
In "Storageneers" he shares news with regard to the latest on the IBM Copy Services Manager product and welcomes all feedback and questions related to the product.

Carsten Haag is leading the IBM Product Field Engineering Team for DS8000 storage in Kelsterbach, Germany. His team is covering the EMEA region as last level of support. He started in IBM in 1998 and began to work in the disk manufacturing until 2000 before he joined the technical support for high-end DASD products. Over the years he has gained a lot of experience in solving complex client issues.

In "Storageneers" he wants to share special topics coming up in his daily work.


Nils Haustein is an Executive IT Specialist in the European Storage Competence Center focusing on archiving, backup and NAS solutions for many years. With his strong background in IBM storage he designs and develops innovative solutions and collaborates closely with development and research.

In “Storageneers” he shares news in regard to backup and archiving solutions and welcomes your feedback and questions.

Peter Kimmel is a Senior IT Specialist and ATS team lead of the Enterprise Disk Solutions team at the European Storage Competence Center (ESCC) in Kelsterbach, Germany. He joined IBM Storage in 1999 and since then worked with all the various Enterprise Storage Server (ESS) and DS8000 generations, with a focus on architecture and performance. He has been involved in the Early Shipment Programs (ESPs) of these early and all current installs, and co-authored several DS8000 IBM Redbooks publications.

In "Storageneers" Peter plans to blog on the IBM DS8000 system as well as on competitive issues around enterprise disk storage.

imageThomas Luther is a Consulting IT Specialist in the European Storage Competence Center focusing on Storage Replication Management Software since many years and also fosters knowledge in z/OS Data Migrations. He has also strong background in IBM NAS products like SONAS and V7000 Unified. With his strong Storage replication background he works closely with development and product architects, tests new product capabilities and provides feedback on customer experience and requirements.

In “Storageneers” he shares news in regard to Storage replication management and welcomes your feedback and questions.

Thorsten Mühge is an IBM Critical Situation Manager for Storage Products located in Kelsterbach, Gemany. Since he joined the team covering Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), the Middle East and Africa (MEA) in 2009, Thorsten resolved multiple Critical Situations for IBM clients.

In "Storageneers" he will publish technical items and experiences that arise out of his daily work with clients.

Guenter Rebmann is a certified EMEA Product Field Engineer for XIV in Kelsterbach, Germany. He joined IBM in 1983 and worked in several technical support roles. With over 25 years of experience Guenter is an expert for IBM's large systems and high-end DASD products.

As a "Storageneer" Guenter shares his expertise by writing about hints and news for the XIV Storage System.

Based in Germany, servicing customers across EMEA - this is what describes Christian Schroeder's job role in IBM in brief. He joined the SVC and Storwize 2nd level support team as Product Field Engineer in July 2013, but gathered experience in that area for the last four years as Germany 1st level support for SAN, SVC and Storwize products. Before that he used to work with IBM's x86 server platforms, that is Netfinity / xSeries / System x & BladeCenter, again supporting German and EMEA customers.

Naturally SVC and Storwize related issues will be the focus of his contributions in Storageneers.

Sebastian Thaele is an IBM Product Field Engineer for last level SAN support in EMEA. Working in the technical support for SAN and SVC since 2005, he helped numerous clients by solving critical situations and providing SAN-related technical consulting services.

He has a personal blog mainly about SAN and troubleshooting called "seb's sanblog". In "Storageneers" he will write about more general storage topics, new products and concepts.

imageUlf Troppens is with Research and Development in Kelsterbach, Germany. As Consulting IT Specialist for Storage Software Development he is interface between development, ESCC and customers. Since 2000 Ulf is leading first-of-a-kind deployments of new technologies to address complex customer pain points. Ulf is author of the award wining book ‘Storage Networks Explained’.

In "Storageneers" he plans to share insights of his customer engagements and his investigations for the next edition of his book.


Storageneers Alumni:

Werner Jaeckle led the wordwide Solution Support Competency Center for IBM's Data Protection & Retention products before he joined joined IBM's technical support as the manager for Tape Product Field Engineering in EMEA. In "Storageneers" he published his view on the storage market, with focus on strategies and support topics.

In July 2016 Werner left IBM to join R+V Versicherung as the manager for application management.

Hannes Bellmer was an IBM Product Field Engineer for XIV Storage Systems in Mainz, Germany, and covered the EMEA region as last level support. During this time he also worked for nine months in the worldwide support team based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

From October 2015 he continued his path at NetApp.

This is a personal group blog and in no way an official IBM communication channel. Our Disclaimer:
"The postings on this site are our own and don't necessarily represent IBM's positions, strategies or opinions."

Feel free to comment on the postings if you have questions or want to add your point of view. We are open - and eager - for discussion. Because that's what "social" is all about. We invite you to join us on this journey.

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Tue June 04, 2013 09:00 AM

Originally posted by: WernerJaeckle

Hi Sebastian! It's great to see the "Storageneers" online! Keep going!