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VersaStack - Additional Storage Options with Storwize V5000 and FlashSystem V9000

By Archive User posted Mon November 09, 2015 10:13 AM


Originally posted by: MichaelErwig

Have you seen the August 25th announcement for

VersaStack with Storwize V5000 and VersaStack with FlashSystem V9000 ?!






Together with the Storwize V7000 or Storwize V7000 Unified, these 2 additional storage options now complete the IBM storage portfolio within VersaStack as an integrated infrastructure solution, so no matter if it is small or big business that we are talking about : with V5000, V7000/V700U and V9000 we address each and every customer demand storage performance- and capacity-wise!


A clear key differentiator of the VersaStack solution is the ability to provide not only efficient data storage within VersaStack, but also the ability to bring new efficiency and ROI improvements to the existing storage infrastructure !


How ??

Re-use of existing storage hardware assets  - and VersaStack enables over 260+ external storage devices to be managed from one interface and becoming virtualized through IBM Storwize Software!


VersaStack with IBM Storwize V5000 Storage


VersaStack with Cisco UCS Mini and IBM Storwize V5000 is a great solution for remote- and branch-office deployments or point-of-sale locations as it provides the versatility, efficiency and ease that is needed at the edge of a data center.


As a small business solution, VersaStack with V5000 is less complex and helps to reduce costs! The Cisco UCS Mini - a smaller version of Cisco UCS - eliminates the multiple layers of complex and separate Ethernet and Fibre Channel switching and associated management with Cisco's SingleConnect  technology. It's end-to-end I/O architecture unifies LAN, SAN and systems management into one simplified link for blade and rack servers and virtual machines.


The UCS Mini compute part within this stack allows 1-8 UCS B-series blade server per chassis and up to 7 additional UCS C-series rack server.


IBM Storwize V5000 is utilizing the IBM Spectrum Virtualize™ software  while being a virtualized and modular storage system, flexible in storage capacity and responsiveness in a compact form factor. A single IBM Storwize V5000 system (1 IOgroup as a storage controller node pair) can scale to 480 drives and 1.92 PB of storage capacity or up to 960 drives and 3.84 PB with two-way clustered systems (2 IOgroups with 2 storage controller node pairs).


V5000 storage seamlessly integrates with Cisco UCS Director, allowing storage management from the same interface as for the Cisco UCS Mini servers to simplifying deployment complexity.



VersaStack with FlashSystem V9000 Storage


With IBM FlashSystem V9000 as the underlying storage device, VersaStack provides a high performance solution with highest demands for scalability, compute, network and storage!


Any business that has to provide instant access to information and services or an existing data center that needs to boost performance of the existing environment for specific applications, then VersaStack with V9000 is defintely a door-opener to achieve these goals, where flash-memory based solutions deliver enormous IT agility to respond to business-critical questions in less time!


From a compute and storage perspective, scale up or scale out for VersaStack with V9000 is not a question : scale up your environment up if greater performance and capacity is needed (increased number of I/O operations per second and the bandwidth) by adding computing and network resources individually, or scale out the whole VersaStack by adding multiple consistent deployments (adding integrated systems).


IBM FlashSystem V9000 storage with all-flash memory arrays with ultra-low response times delivers extreme performance by accelerating the I/O for critical applications through IBM FlashCore® technology, which includes advanced flash-memory management features, ultra-fast write buffers, and hardware-based data offload methods, while preserving enterprise resiliency through IBM Variable Stripe RAID™ and other unique reliability features like 2-dimensional RAID  etc.



Within VersaStack, a FlashSystem V9000 can be implemented via 2 different building block (BB) options :


Fixed BB configuration  ( V9000 direct attachment ) :

no MDS switches ... control and storage controllers directly cabled ... no scale-up / scale-out options



Scalable BB configuration ( V9000 components interconnected via MDS switches )

MDS switches for scale-up/-out ... control and storage controller interconnected via MDS switches ... support for the full V9000 scale-up / scale-out model




A new solution guide "VersaStack and FlashSystem V9000" will provide you a great intro and overview, see here




For both V5000, V7000/V7000U and V9000 within VersaStack, you will benefit from :


• Quick and Reliable Deployment :
  VersaStack simplifies and accelerates the  deployment of IT resources to your high-performance applications and environments!


• Pretested and validated Solutions :
  VersaStack Solution is a pretested and validated solution that pools computing, network, and storage resources. An implementation guideline coming along
for validated V5000 and V9000 reference architectures allows less time integrating components into a workable solution, reducing time, risk and system testing!


• Rapid Provisioning :
  Managed through Cisco UCS Manager, a VersaStack provides unified, embedded management of software and hardware components across multiple chassis,
servers, storage, and virtual machines. IT staff can associate a logical model - called service profile (a self-contained description of server identity, configuration and connectivity) - with a physical set of resources that can be applied quickly to get IT resources up and running to reduce TCO.

• Remote management :
  Cisco UCS Central Software will extend the role and policy-based management of Cisco UCS Manager to multiple systems within a data center, across multiple
facilities and across locations. As a result, you can manage all your remote and branch offices centrally, consistently, and efficiently.


• Resiliency :
  Cisco UCS Mini consolidates application hosting, computing capabilities, centralized management and virtualization in a power-, size-, and weight-optimized form
factor tailored for remote- and branch offices. The combination of Cisco UCS Mini and IBM Storwize V5000 disk storage reduces the hardware footprint, lowers energy consumption, and improves uptime availability to deliver resilient operation. The same system character is offered by IBM FlashSystem V9000 in a VersaStack setup for systems that require highest levels of performance.


• High density :
  Comprehensive infrastructure density with servers, switches, cabling, storage and management in a single system reduces the cost per rack unit at the solution
level and increases operation efficiency at the data center level.


• Reduced support costs :
  The solution can be managed remotely, by your data center staff, with efficiency and consistency. This capability can significantly reduce the total cost of ownership
(TCO) of remote- and branch-office servers.




A link summary of all available Cisco VersaStack CVDs is available here :

The CVD for VersaStack with UCS Mini and Storwize V5000 is not yet but will be available soon!