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Looking for an Enterprise Tape Library? You better chose IBM!

By Archive User posted Mon January 19, 2015 03:15 AM


Originally posted by: WernerJaeckle

Just recently, Storage magazine/ published the results of their ninth annual Tape Libraries Quality Awards. The results were derived out of 473 evaluations from 321 users, covering five main quality categories. So I believe there’s sufficient market insight and user experience behind the results.

In the “Enterprise Tape Libraries” category, IBM’s TS3500/TS4500 was compared against Hewlett-Packard’s ESL/EML Series and Oracle’s StorageTek SL3000/SL8500, among other competitors.

I don’t want to spoil the show, but let me start with the summary: It was a home run for IBM’s Tape library flagship!
But what were the detailed topics that were surveyed here, and how did IBM perform? Here’s how:

Sales-force competence? IBM is best! Initial product quality? Clear win for IBM! Product features? IBM, who else? Product reliability? Significant lead for IBM! Technical support? Yes, IBM! Would you buy this product again? The loudest “YES” for IBM!

And the overall ranking? You might already know, but have a look at the chart yourself:


This result is no surprise to me.
I rather see it as a logical consequence of (and appropriate recognition for) IBM’s continuous investment and leadership in the tape storage business. No wonder IBM was among the top three for overall rankings in all previous Quality Awards surveys, too.
And to emphasize this view, I only want to quote one single sentence from the report: “...the result wasn't particularly surprising considering IBM's pedigree as a tape pioneer and a tape tech leader”!

No doubts - it feels good to work for the leader in the Enterprise Data Protection and Retention business!


You can read the full article with even more details about this year's Quality Awards here.


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