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IBM Copy Services Manager 6.1 Release and How To Videos

By Archive User posted Thu December 10, 2015 06:16 PM


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IBM has officially announced the release of IBM Copy Services Manager v6.1 (CSM).  Built on Tivoli Productivity Center for Replication technology, CSM builds on top of years of experience in bringing mainframe and distributed solutions to customers in the realm of copy services.  CSM was released for Special Bid earlier this year and now the GA version releases all of the features mentioned in the Storageneers blog entry IBM Storage replication management with IBM Copy Services Manager as well as new support for DS8000's Multi-Target Metro Mirror - Global Mirror capabilities. 


For more information on the CSM v6.1 release see the announcement notice

IBM Copy Services Manager V6.1 for z Systems replication management solution delivers simplified, automated, and central control of your replication environment

IBM Spectrum Control V5.2.8 and IBM Virtual Storage Center V5.2.8 reduce the complexities associated with managing multi-vendor infrastructures


And please read a great blog entry on The value add of Copy Services Manager for SVC & Storwize replication management


Multi-Target Metro Mirror - Global Mirror and Metro Mirror - Global Mirror with Practice Support

IBM Copy Services Manager (CSM) releases support for two new multi-target solutions for DS8000 environments.  Using the DS8000 Multi-Target technology that allows a single source to write to two different targets, CSM has added support for two new session types. 

Metro Mirror - Global Mirror allows a customer to copy a source volume to one target over a Metro Mirror distance with 0 RPO, at the same time that it copies to a separate target using Global Mirror technology to a remote site. 









Metro Mirror - Global Mirror with Practice expands on the previous session but adds in the capability to "practice as you would recover" that the predecessor to CSM, TPC-R, brought to Global Mirror and Metro Global Mirror environments.  With a single Flash command, a consistent copy of data is created and the GM target site followed by a restart of the replication, allowing customers to practice their disaster recovery processes while still maintaining disaster recovery capabilities.  In addition, if a disaster were to occur, the Recover command can be issued to the CSM session, making the same set of volumes used during the practice available for IPL at the remote site.  No need to risk IPL'ing off the wrong set of volumes or managing which volumes to use when. 










NEW!!!   IBM Copy Services Manager YouTube Channel

Have you ever been wanting to sell a customer on the benefits of TPC-R or IBM Copy Services Manager (CSM) but didn't have time to arrange a demo or a contact in CSM development?  We're now introducing the IBM Copy Services Manager YouTube Channel.  With this YouTube channel we hope to deliver a set of how to and demo videos to show how to work with certain features in CSM as well as just why CSM makes managing your copy services easier.  There are a few videos to start but we hope to expand on this library as time goes on.  Have a request for a video?  Simply post the request in the Discussion forum and we'll do our best to get a video made. 

IBM Copy Services Manager YouTube Channel




















NOTE: This channel is not officially tied to IBM support.  The purpose is to help both sales and customers.  For issues please follow the formal PMR process and open a problem ticket.




Agile Development at it's best

Development has embraced the agile methodology and is constantly using feedback from customers to improve and add features to the product.  Based on feedback priorities are constantly reviewed so that we can try to deliver quick fixes and features to customers on a regular basis. 

This also includes working closely with other IBM teams to provide the best solution for IBM customers in all environments, such as integration of CSM with IBM i advanced copy services.

Excited for this new chapter for the IBM Copy Services Manager product?  I know we are!


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