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IBM and the art of cloud management: OpenStack

By Archive User posted Fri July 11, 2014 06:43 AM


Originally posted by: Th. Mühge

Moving to software defined cloud environment, there is no way to get around OpenStack. OpenStack is an open source infrastructure as a service (IaaS) solution that basically is able to control and manage entire IT infrastructures.
It is a component based solution that includes the following major components:

  • Compute: Nova
  • Networking: Neutron
  • Storage: BlockStorage: Cinder
  • Storage: Object Storage: Swift

From the very beginning OpenStack is designed to be massively scalable from small to ultra large private or public cloud environments.

IBM is offering an OpenStack solution called "IBM Cloud Manager with OpenStack".
IBM Cloud Manager with OpenStack key features include:

  • Simplified end-user self-service portal for automated delivery of requested services without IT intervention.
  • Virtualized image management with library for standardized images, automated approval processing and provisioning.
  • Full OpenStack API support for interoperability and customization to help tailor services to unique business requirements.
  • Basic metering to support allocation of IT infrastructure usage to appropriate individuals, groups or departments.




Why using IBM Storage with OpenStack:
1. SVC/Storwize and OpenStack

  • Consolidation of existing storage environment through storage virtualization
  • Easy and seamless migration of data
  • Easy Tier for optimizing storage systems
  • Integration of advanced features like real-time compression

2. XIV and OpenStack

  • Extremely fast
  • Almost eliminates impact from potential disk errors due to very fast rebuild times
  • Easy to upgrade, and every upgrade adds performance to the system

3. IBM Elastic Storage (based on IBM Global File System Software GPFS)

  • Single scale-out dataplane for the entire datacenter
  • Perfect integration with OpenStack Glance to allow space-efficient and high-performing VM image operations
  • Integration with OpenStack Nova for true non-paused VM live migration, supported by global namespace
  • OpenStack Cinder driver exposing advanced GPFS features like storage pools and replica count

As an entertaining introduction to IBM and Openstack please see the following little YouTube Video:


For more details please see the following links:


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