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IBM® Spectrum Control™ Storage Insights: What’s up, Storage?

By Archive User posted Wed November 29, 2017 04:56 AM


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We are going to give your IBM block storage a checkup!

All you really need to monitor the health of your storage is a card that shows the life signs and vital statistics for each block storage system such as:

  • Diagnostic events that tell you whether the storage system has got a clean bill of health
  • Key capacity data that tells you whether you’ve got the capacity to meet your storage demands
  • Key performance data that tells you whether your storage system passes its fitness test




So, we pinned the card for each block storage system to the diagnostics dashboard­­. Now, you can see what’s up with your storage systems on a single page.




And if your storage system isn’t feeling well, a node fails, the firmware is out-of-date, or there’s not enough disk space? You get a red or orange card, so you know which storage system has a problem, what the problem is, and whether a ticket has been opened to resolve the problem.




And, if a ticket hasn’t been opened? Well, all you’ve got to do is click to create the ticket. The diagnostic data that is needed to restore the health of your storage environment is automatically uploaded and sent to IBM Support.

So, if anyone asks you "What's up?" with your IBM block storage. The answer is "Get Storage Insights" where you can gauge, at a glance, the health of your storage environment.

To subscribe to Storage Insights, go to IBM Marketplace. To learn more about Storage Insights, go to Storage Insights Knowledge Center.


Join Storage Insights Foundation pilot program

If you manage IBM block storage systems and are located in the United States, you can get, free of charge, a hands-on preview of our cognitive storage management and support tool. To join, go to

To find out more about Storage Insights Foundation and Storage Insights, go to the Storage Insights Knowledge Center.


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