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IBM Spectrum Control Storage Insights: May the fastest data collectors win!

By Archive User posted Fri December 02, 2016 09:34 AM


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You add storage systems to get valuable insights, and to get those valuable insights, you rely on the data collector, which collects the asset, capacity, and performance data securely from your data center for analysis and presentation in IBM® Spectrum ControlStorage Insights.

Multiple data collectors

But, what if your storage systems are in different networks or data centers and you have only one data collector? This might result in bandwidth or connectivity issues. Well, all you need to do is install multiple data collectors, and when you add a storage system, the data collectors are tested to see whether they can communicate with the storage system. If multiple data collectors can communicate with the storage system, then the data collector with the best response time gets the data collection job.

But, the data collectors can't rest on their laurels. Say the data collection fails and you don't get that valuable asset, capacity, and performance data from your storage system? It's on your marks, set, go again for the data collectors and the winner, the data collector with the best response time, takes over the collection of the data.

Now, the storage systems get the fastest data collector to collect their data from the data centers. If the data collector can't do the job, there's always another data collector, on standby, waiting to take over.

IBM Spectrum Control Storage Insights takes care of this for you by providing you with optimal connectivity to your storage systems.

To learn about the following new features in Storage Insights, go to the Knowledge Center:

  • Monitor the capacity, space usage, and performance of IBM FlashSystem A9000 and IBM FlashSystem A9000R storage systems.
  • Monitor the file systems in IBM Spectrum Scale clusters that use external cloud storage services.
  • Monitor replication and FlashCopy® relationships.

To find out more about IBM Spectrum Control Storage Insights, go to IBM Marketplace.


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