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IBM Spectrum Control 5.2.12 Chargeback and Consumer Reports: Same price for the same storage

By Archive User posted Wed November 30, 2016 05:02 AM


Originally posted by: PatrickLeahy

In your chargeback and consumer reports, you want to make sure that you charge the same price for the same type of storage whether it is block storage, copy data, or file storage. And, if your block storage is tiered, you want to charge the same price for each tier to all of your storage consumers.

And when the storage costs change, you don't want to have to update each report.


In IBM® Spectrum Control5.2.12, you can use the default costs for storage for each report that you create or you can use custom costs. When you change the default costs, all of the reports that use default costs are automatically updated.

But you might not always want to use default costs for storage. For example, you are doing some maintenance work on a DB application which involves moving the block storage from tier 2 to tier 1 for a few days. You have scheduled a consumer report to run daily, but you don't want to charge the owner of the DB application for tier-1 storage while you are doing the maintenance work. So, you edit the report, switch to custom costs and make your changes. When the maintenance work is complete, you switch back to using the default costs for the report.


To learn more, go to IBM Spectrum Control documentation and IBM Spectrum Storage Suite.


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